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women-only hotels

Photo: Bliss Sanctuary For Women


Women-only hotel rooms were once portrayed as an eccentric marketing trend, but this movement is experiencing a resurgence due to the burgeoning number of women business and leisure travellers. In addition, more women now demand an increased level of security and autonomy in their accommodations. Safety, empowerment, and pampering rank high up in the list of factors that influence their decision regarding where to stay. 

We suss out the newest women-only hotels around the world for your next vacation, solo or otherwise.


1. Bliss Sanctuary for Women, Bali


Photo: Bliss Sanctuary For Women


No children, no couples, and only a handful of women allowed at any one time so they can experience serenity and exclusivity. The newly renovated villa offers five- to seven-day packages that include meals, with unlimited massage and spa treatments, and more.


For more information, visit www.blisssanctuaryforwomen.


2. Supershe Island,Finland


Photo: Supershe

Wake up on an island to the gorgeous view of the Baltic Sea. Start the day with meditation after breakfast and have a facial at the spa right after. Since the luxury resort’s opening last year, this off-the-grid vacation spot has become an oasis for professional women to connect with one another over leisure activities.


For more information, visit



3. Josephine’s Guesthouse, Zurich


Photo: Josephine’s Guesthouse, Zurich

It feels more like a cosy home than a three-star hotel. A breakfast buffet is served at a large table every morning for everyone, and there’s an open kitchen and laundry room. The recently spruced-up rooms with minimalist interiors are popular with leisure and business travellers.


Address: Lutherstrasse 20, Zurich, Switzerland



4. Hotel Zen, Tokyo


Photo: Hotel Zen Tokyo 



The latest capsule hotel looks like a craftsman’s workshop on the outside. Inside, expect minimalist wood panelling and traditional motifs. Choose from five types of rooms – each equipped with a lockable box and free Wi-Fi – from single-bed to semi double-bed ones, and rooms with tatami mats that provide more floor space.


For more information, visit



5. Luthan Hotel and Spa


Photo: Luthan Hotel and Spa


Luthan Hotel and Spa is the first of its kind in the Middle East. This woman’s only property aptly called the “Sanctuary”, is a unique urban retreat. The goal is to create a peaceful respite away from the stresses of the external world and help to rebalance the body’s energies, to ensure complete relaxation of the physical, emotional and spiritual self. 

Expect unparalleled spa facilities such as the Aqua Meditation Room, Reflexology pool, Sound pool, Cysternae, Salt Inhalation Room, and a soothing Herbal Sauna.


For more information, visit


6. Som Dona hotel 



Photo: Som Dona Hotel 


The four-star Som Dona hotel opened in the luxurious resort of Porto Cristo in Mallorca in June with 39 exquisitely furnished  rooms catering to female-identifying customers over the age of 14.  


The hotel is curating a range of bespoke wellness packages in the coming months that will focus on fitness, health and detox, as well as packages to help solo female travellers bond and explore Mallorca’s cultural offerings together. The spa also offers a range of holistic treatments and a restaurant serving a sumptuous variety of dishes which are said to be “flavourful, healthy and sustainable.”


For more information, visit


7. Nine Hours Woman Kanda



Photo: 9 Hours Capsule Hotel


The hotel is popular for its minimalist and futuristic decor.

Nine Hours Woman Kanda is the first female-only facility located in Kanda area which is a stone’s throw away from Tokyo Station and Akihabara area. Guests rave about how clean and comfortable the hotel is. Free WiFi is provided throughout the entire property so you will always be connected too.