We all know that breakups are tough. Some are the ones that we can recover from in a week, and some are those that are life-altering and take a really long time to get over. If you’re going through a bad breakup, here’s a word of advice: go on a vacation.

Granted, some people may say an impromptu holiday is an impulsive and rather extreme thing to do but seriously, you should. Going overseas and having beautiful experiences not only distracts you from your recent break up, but more importantly it stops you from becoming that shut-in couch potato that many new-singles are in danger of becoming.

An even better thing would be to go on a trip with your friends! You just know that it’ll be double the fun, and surrounding yourself with people that love you is great medicine for a shattered heart.


Bottomline: It’s okay to do what you want and let yourself be loved. With that in mind, here are five destinations that are perfect for a post-breakup getaway.


Las Vegas, USA

Where could be better for letting loose and throwing out any inhibitions and pent-up feelings than partying in Sin City? Between its countless casinos, therapeutic dirt-cheap outlet shopping and fine dining opportunities everywhere, this is the place to focus on just having fun. Aside from the nightlife, you can take a trip out to the desert on rented jeeps to get up close and personal with magnificent natural wonders like the Grand Canyon or the Hoover Dam. My only word of warning is that if you’re planning on taking off alone on your getaway, this is not the place to go; Vegas is perhaps best suited for a joint holiday with friends that you know and trust.


Goa, India

Thanks to films like the Best Marigold Hotel or Slumdog Millionaire, most people have two stereotypical views of India: Exotic and charming or cruel and poverty-stricken. Why not see for yourself? Goa offers the best of both worlds with beautiful beach paradises and Portuguese-inspired architecture (perfect for updating your Insta and Facebook). While Goa is known for its beaches (and beach parties), the more inland you go the more you can immerse yourself in local culture. Try out some local food at the Friday Mapusa Market or visit Goa’s beautiful churches like the Basilica of Bom Jesus (#FunFact: This basilica holds the body of a Catholic who is believed has been preserved by God).


The Bahamas

The Bahamas is perfect when  it comes to splurging on yourself.  You can take the obligatory Instagram pic of your sun-kissed bod on the pink sands of Harbour Island and sip on your pina colada while your ex sees it and feels like a loser (#hellyes). There’s not much I can say to make the Bahamas any more attractive than its reputation suggests, so what are you waiting for?


South Korea

Anneyeonghaseyo! Whoever said that food mends a broken heart was right, and what better place to stuff yourself than Korea! Beef bulgogi, bibimbap, spicy fried chicken, the list just goes on and on. I’m not going to keep listing food because I’m going to start getting hungry! Depending on the season, Korea’s natural beauty and famous national parks also offer some wonderful walks in the cool weather that we don’t experience here in sunny Singapore. Oh, and wherever you may be, do keep a look out for your favourite Korean stars!


Melbourne, Australia

You may be disappointed if you’re hoping to see a kangaroo hop in front of your hotel, but Melbourne is the place to go for scrumptious pastries and what has often been touted as the “world’s best coffee”. Drink your heart out at wine vineyards or try parachuting and watersports if you’re more adventurous. You will definitely not be thinking about your breakup while you’re here, and if you want even more distraction and a good story to tell, there are always the nude beaches around. Melbourne’s rooftop bars are among the most chill places to hang after a long day, and the atmosphere is pretty cool!


So yes, breakups are tough, but you can help yourself heal by taking a break from your breakup. If you want information about arranging a holiday, Zuji is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to book!

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