The Misfit Shine activity monitor

Keeping fit is the latest trend – well at least activity monitors or fitness trackers are. In fact, US Vogue has highlighted how trackers like the Nike+ Fuelband, Fitbit and Jawbone Up have found their way onto the wrists of the stylish.

These activity monitors track your daily physical activity by counting the number of steps you take and measuring the intensity and duration of workouts. They even track your sleep – when you wear these gadgets, it will give you a detailed report on your sleep including the duration of your deep sleep the next morning, usually after you sync the tracker with a smartphone app. For many, wearing one of these is often a start to a healthier lifestyle and building better lifestyle habits

While these fitness bands sometimes do blend seamlessly with the rest of the arm party for the day, mostly they can be a tad too chunky or even dare we say – medical-bracelet looking – to pair with an LBD. But if you are hitting the latest club with the girls and are certain to chalk up loads of steps to achieve your activity goal for the day, you would definitely want to wear your fitness tracker.

Enter the Misfit Shine. This slim round activity monitor is the size of an average watch face and even slimmer than some. What strikes you first is how Philippe Starck-ish the Misfit Shine is in design – in fact, it has won plenty of design awards including the Red Dot design award.

The Misfit Shine comes with a magnetic clasp (left) and also sportsband (right)

The Misfit Shine comes with a sports band that you can wear for your runs or even in the pool. This is the first known fitness tracker that is water-resistant to 50 metres so every single paddle you take will be recorded and chalked up. Plus, it runs on a physical battery that lasts up to 180 days so you won’t have to charge it every few days like some other activity monitors.

On days when you are all dressed up, the Misfit Shine won’t cramp your style. It attaches to a magnetic clasp so that you can wear it anywhere on your body – on your collar like a brooch or discreetly on your pocket – and it will blend in and become almost invisible. This magnet is so strong that it will stay on your laces if you attach it to your trainers and hit the road for a long run.

Accessories like the leather and metal band (left) and necklace (right) will be available later this year

Like all fashionable gadgets, there are also accessories like a leather and metal band and necklace (available late 2013) so you can wear your Misfit Shine in a combination of styles. Syncing the tracker to your smartphone is easy peasy – just tap the Misfit Shine onto the screen of your iPhone, no wires needed!The Shine app currently runs only on the iOS operating system but Android users will be able to sync their Misfit Shines to their phone by early 2014 when the Android app is released.

The Misfit Shine retails for $169.90 at all Apple retailers, Challenger, Courts, Harvey Norman and Gadget World. For more information, go to Follow Misfit Wearables on Facebook, Twitter @misfitwearables and Instagram @misfitwearables.

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