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We know, that ‘food baby’ is so real. But you don’t have to drastically cut down your food intake in order to reduce bloating – here are some handy tips so you can have a guilt-free yet pleasing meal:

1. Drink more water

Drinking water always does the trick to help you feel full, so you don’t keep stuffing yourself with food. It helps with digestion too! Be sure to avoid carbonated drinks as they will only introduce more of that pesky gas into your stomach.  

2. Eat slowly

It’s important to pace yourself and not blindly wolf down your meal. Eat slower so your body can better register that it’s full, and you know when to stop. Chewing your food properly also breaks it down, aiding digestion.  

3. Don’t pile your plate

This is extremely essential when you’re at a buffet, where the trays of tantalising food easily make us trigger-happy. Always tell yourself to calm down, take only one plate at a time and don’t pile your plate with full scoops. We know, we know, the urge to try every single dish all at once is great, but some self-control will go a long way.  

4. Cut down on rice

Carbohydrates make you feel full longer – and induce that other enemy, ‘food coma’. You don’t want to be stuffing yourself with rice and not having enough space for the real deals. Go easy on the carbs and feast more on other foods. Strategy.  

5. Get moving

The worst thing to do after an overindulgent meal is to sit around and mope about that food baby. Get up and make the effort to walk, no matter how far. This will increase your blood circulation and aid digestion. You’ll feel better about burning off those fats too.


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