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More often than not, you want that shiny new toy. No judgment here. But before you chuck away your existing smartphone, hear us out on what else it can do when it isn’t your regular go-to. For starters, it can: 


1. Curb your workaholic tendencies when travelling

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Sometimes we just can’t help but check our emails even when on vacay, so separating work and play into two phones will help exercise some control over “me-time”. Enjoy your time away without the distractions of work and if you really must – only scroll through the work stuff for 30 minutes or so.

And if you’ve got “low battery anxiety” – that uncomfortable feeling when your phone battery dips to 20 per cent, it can feel reassuring to have a backup on standby. Especially if you don’t own a power bank.


2. Connect to speakers during house parties

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We’ve grown so reliant on our smartphones that it’s hard to separate ourselves from them. Even an hour (or a minute) feels like eternity. So a second one would come in handy if you’ve got one of those speakers that need a phone to be physically hooked on it to blast music from Spotify.

Plus smartphone model-makers might be upping their game when it comes to the device’s water-resistant features but it’ll still give you a greater piece of mind that it is a spare, which you’re using at a poolside barbecue.


3. Function as a house monitor

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Amp up home security for almost zero dollars. Get started by downloading an app like AtHome Camera and Presence: video security. Plug it into the power, keep it connected to wi-fi and now you can watch what your dog’s up to while you’re at work.


4. Soothe baby to sleep

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There are a bunch of apps out there that play relaxing melodies to help babies feel at ease and fall asleep. This could range from the sound of the rain to the sound of the ocean. With a second device, you can leave one in your little one’s room, while you have your everyday phone by you. Now to see if everyone can slip into a peaceful slumber.