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Pop in flour (plain flour for local noodles, semolina flour for pasta, and bread flour for ramen), water and eggs into the Philips Avance Collection Noodle Maker, then press the start button. The machine kneads the mixture for fi to eight minutes before taking another six to 14 minutes to churn out strands of noodles. Yes, it’s really that simple.

It has four interchangeable discs that can shape the noodles and determine their thickness.

To make flavoured noodles, add ground herbs like pepper and fennel, or vegetable juices like carrot or spinach, to the flour mixture.

It’s a self-contained appliance. It comes with two cups – one to measure out the flour and another the water-egg mixture – so I don’t even need to use a weighing scale. And it has a useful drawer to store all its accessories.

Also included are cleaning tools to poke out dough residue from the holes of the noodle-making disc. Although there are many parts to put together, I got the hang of it after the first try. Even when the front cover popped out because I did not tighten it enough, I got the machine up and running again easily.

Compared with how easy the machine was to use, washing it was harder. With plenty of parts to clean, as well as dough remnants in some nooks to clear, it took me a good 15 minutes. But you can leave the parts out for half a day for the dough to harden to make it easier to dislodge the remnants.

I made egg noodles, which emerged warm and soft from the machine, looking exactly as I’d find at the wonton mee stall. They were a little stiff and starchy when cooked in soup, and would be better tossed in some oil for a dry noodle dish.

While it churned out spaghetti and ramen easily, I was less successful with penne, which turned out like mini churros. However, the Philips marketing manager made better-shaped penne at a demo. Guess I need more practice to get it right.

VERDICT I’d use it to churn out batches of noodles on weekends to last the week. Worth the washing-up if you have a family of noodle lovers!”

This story was originally published in Simply Her December 2014.