swarovski activity tracking jewellery

Photo: Swarovski

With Swarovski’s new Activity Tracking Jewellery (ATJ), you can have some sparkles when you are out on a workout.

The name might sound glamourous, but this circular fitness tracker is essentially the Misfit Shine fitness tracker endowed with a big crystal on top and with the Swarovski Swan motif on its back. The tracker is around the size of a 50-cent coin.

The package includes a jewellery bracelet that has little crystals adorning its straps, with a holder for the fitness tracker.

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All that bling looks better on women than men. But swop the jewelled strap for the included rubber sport band – which I gleefully did – for a more toned-down look, and it might just be able to go on a man’s wrist.

The sport band and bracelet come in different colour combinations, from pink to white. I tried the black version. Being resistant to water down to 50m in depth, you can wear it for swims or when you are in the shower.

Unlike most fitness trackers that use rechargeable batteries, the ATJ uses a CR2035 coin battery that you can easily find in watch shops. Each battery is supposed to power the ATJ for up to four months.

Installation of the battery is easy. Use the included tool to prise open the battery lid via a small depression at the rear, insert the battery and snap the battery lid back on.

Next, you have to sync the ATJ with your smartphone using the Misfit Shine app (available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone). Use the app to choose your activity goal. But the step-count is given as points – 500 points roughly equal 5,000 steps daily. Sleep tracking is given in terms of the usual hours.

To see your progress, double-tap on the face of the ATJ. The LED indicators – 12 of them in a circular arrangement like a clock – will then light up to show your progress. For example, if you have reached 50 per cent of your fitness goal, six LED indicators will light up.

After showing you your fitness progress, it will tell the time too. So, if it is 2.45pm, the two o’clock indicator will light up first followed by the nine o’clock indicator.

You can also use the Misfit Link app to link your ATJ for an additional triple-tap function. The triple tap action lets you take a photo or play and pause music remotely.

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In terms of step tracking, the ATJ is really stingy.

It consistently tracks 22 per cent fewer steps than my calibrated Fitbit Charge HR. Maybe it really wants you to walk more.

However, automatic sleep tracking is as accurate as my Charge HR. It was able to correctly pinpoint the time I sleep and wake up. It also showed the time I was awake, having just light sleep and restful sleep.

One downer is that, since it does not have a display, you have to sync it in order to see how many steps you have taken.

VERDICT: If you love the bling-bling, the Swarovski Activity Tracking Jewellery is definitely the fitness tracker to get.


This article was first published in The Straits Times, June 1, 2016.