8522-1103, www.hicjuice.com.sg
The Cost: $340.26. Add $32.10 for delivery. Self-collection is available at The Shop by Hic at #02-470 Suntec City Mall.
The Combi: Six 500ml bottles a day. Mostly organic. Mix of juices, smoothies, coconut water and nut milks.
Start Dates: Any day, except Fri and Sun.

DOING THE CLEANSE In the lead-up to the cleanse, Ashley, the concierge, e-mailed me tips on preparing for the detox, and a guide that covered everything from how to go about the cleanse to managing common side effects.

I was fine on day one – no hunger pangs or cravings although I seemed to be more sensitive to smells, especially fried food. On the second day, I started craving warm, savoury food.Thankfully, Ashley quickly replied to my Whatsapp query, suggesting a clear vegetable or fish soup with minimal seasoning. It was on the last day that I got hit hard – I didn’t get the runs like some others in the team, but I was mildly constipated (considered normal, though less common), and had stomach cramps.

VERDICT The cramps were the toughest part but I loved that the juice cleanse “rebooted” my palate, giving me a preference for cleaner tastes over unhealthy processed foods. 9/10
– Mia Chenyze, consumer and lifestyle writer

9384-8924, http://ajuicery.com
The Cost: $240. $20 for delivery. Self-collection is available at #02-05 The Commerze@Irving, 1 Irving Place.
The Combi: Seven 400ml bottles of green and fruit juices, and one 400ml bottle of nut milk a day. Uses regular fruits.
Start Dates: Tue to Sat for three-day cleanses.

DOING THE CLEANSE This wasn’t my first cleanse, so I gamely opted for the intermediate Fanatic Cleanse. Nonetheless, the brochure they sent was a helpful reference. The programme had quite a few delicious veggie-based drinks. The only turn-off was the one containing napa cabbage, which gave it a noxious smell.

Halfway into day one, the cleanse started working and I popped into the office toilet three times. On day two, I felt light-headed and irritable, craving something crunchy and hot. By day three, I felt that eight bottles a day was too much for me to handle, and was feeling quite sick.

VERDICT I was lighter physically, but felt “heavier” due to the sweet juices.The cleanse also left me feeling grouchy from the lack of hot, solid food. 6/10
– Amanda Jayne Lee, consumer and lifestyle writer

9178-8927, feedme@ gorillapress.co
The Cost: $280. Free delivery.
The Combi: Seven 460ml bottles a day. Juices are a mix of organic and regular fruits. Mix of juices, smoothies, coconut water and nut milks.
Start Dates: Any day.

DOING THE CLEANSE Pre-cleanse, I received a detailed e-mail on what to do during the detox, as well as its possible side effects. Throughout the cleanse, founder Valerie was quick in replying to my e-mails; I could also Whatsapp or call her.

I loved that they went the extra mile to make the drinks more interesting and delicious, with superfoods like goji berries and chia seeds. I enjoyed the majority of the juices, although I found the nut milks a little chalky and bloat-inducing.

VERDICT Other than some fatigue on the first day, I breezed through the cleanse and wouldn’t mind doing it again. After all, the drinks were pretty tasty. 8.5/10
– Ann Neo, senior designer

6288-8166, www.syndicatejuice.com
The Cost: $310. $30 total for delivery, with two scheduled deliveries for a three-day cleanse. Self-collection available at #03-01 Yan Xian Building, 5 Harrison Road.
The Combi: Five 500ml juice bottles and one 500ml bottle of nut milk a day. Uses a mixture of organic and regular fruits.
Start Dates: Tue to Fri for three-day cleanses.

DOING THE CLEANSE Upon signing up, I was e-mailed a brochure on preparing for the detox. I’m a huge foodie, so I wasn’t terribly keen on subsisting on only liquids for three days – thankfully, the juices were palatable.While the veggie-based concoctions became monotonous, I looked forward to the nut milks, which were rich and filling.

I had some hunger pangs and cravings on the first day but they were manageable. I felt lethargic, but I suspect it was from the absence of caffeine. I went to bed an hour earlier than usual – also as a means of taking my mind off food. The runs started on the second day, but I didn’t mind – I took them as a sign that my body was purging itself of toxins. However, the third day was really tough.The hunger pangs were unbearable, and I was yearning for something hot and savoury.

VERDICT I felt lighter and less bloated after the cleanse, and my tummy seemed flatter. I also started to pay more attention to what I ate after. 6.5/10
– Delle Chan

9766-1972, www.absolutejuice. com.sg
The Cost: $228. $15 for delivery. Self-collection available at #01-106 Roxy Square, 50 East Coast Road.
The Combi: Six 500ml juice bottles and one 250ml bottle of coconut water a day. About 10 per cent of the vegetables used are organic.
Start Dates: Any day except Sun.

DOING THE CLEANSE Before I started the cleanse, business manager Ad contacted me with basic advice on how to go about it. He also assured me I could contact him any time with questions.
I had some hunger pangs in the afternoon of the first day but they passed. I also had a persistent slight headache on the first two days, likely from the lack of caffeine.

While I enjoyed most of the juices, a few blends were a tad sweet, so it was nice to have a green juice thrown in on the second day. I didn’t feel hungry, nor was I hit by any major cravings, but by day two, I was beginning to really miss eating. I also felt colder than usual, and had trouble focusing at work although my mental fog cleared up on the last day.

VERDICT I was pleasantly surprised that the cleanse helped reduce my caffeine dependency and made me crave cleaner food. 7/10
– Veronica Chng, contributing deputy editor

This article was originally published in SImply Her January 2016.