Image: Courtesy of Foodie – Delicious Camera

No one has ever accused me of being a photographer, and it’s safe to assume that no one ever really will.

Which is why I’ve never been one to take photos of my food. Sure, I’ll send a Snapchat or two but for the most part, I’m the friend who’s digging into the food before anyone can get a nice picture.

That being said, I completely understand the need for #foodporn in this age where social media is queen. Here is where I’ll admit with shame that I, too, scroll through my Instagram feed double-tapping those delicious pictures of ramen and extravagant milkshakes late into the night.

If you’re anything like me – read: a bad photographer and in love with photos of food – then you’ll know the struggle. We want good photos of food, but we just. Can’t. Do it.

Enter “Foodie – Delicious Camera”. Developed by LINE, the app is, well, very “app-tly” named. The app store reviews boast of its ability to turn any food appetising, and I mean any food. And who better to test this theory out than this failed photographer, right?

So that’s what I did, and this is the big takeaway: The app is extremely intuitive. I’ll break it down:

1. It has filters that are food-specific, and lots of it

Without the app (left), and with the app (right)

I know, I know, the camera doesn’t make the photographer – but what about filters, then? We all know how important filters are. With VSCO, we’d usually add the filters in after. With Foodie however, you take the photo with the filters on which, personally speaking, makes things that much easier. It’s adjusted for the lighting and – get this – the type of food you’re taking. It’s got filters developed specifically for desserts and mains like ice cream and spaghetti. In fact, it’s got four different filters for that bowl of pasta in front of you. Yeah, I wasn’t lying when I said this app has lots of filters. And trust me, it adds instant prettiness to any picture.

2. It focuses on the food and blurs out the rest

Forget about face recognition: Technology is now providing us with food recognition. It was a movie-like moment when all else on my screen faded away and the most important thing came into focus (in 12 megapixels): My food. We can’t all afford DSLRs, and to be honest, not all of us have the skills to justify owning one anyway. So the fact that this app manages to get the depth of field just right definitely marks it up for me.

3. It recognises when you’re taking top down or frontal

I’ll admit I was slightly worried when my phone screen went yellow and the camera shutter button read “TOP” because what’s happening?! It’s a really cool detail that I’ll hand over to the developers though, because at least now you’ll know when your camera is completely parallel to the food, and not tilted at an awkward angle.

My only gripe about it is the fact that you’d still need an innate sense of photo composition. The app is no surgeon, in that sense – it makes what’s in front of the camera pretty, but it can only do so much.

If you’re a foodie though, this app will definitely be useful. Really, it’s so cleverly thought out that it’s hard not to see why people wouldn’t love it.

So the big question! Will I start whipping out my phone the moment my plate lands in front of me? Probably not, but that’s just because I can never wait to eat. When I do remember, though, you best believe I’ll be using Foodie.

Foodie – Delicious Camera is available on both iOS and Android for free.