Whether you’re a busy executive who enjoys your coffee on the go or want to indulge in a great brew on a lazy Sunday morning, Nespresso has the perfect coffee for any lifestyle.

And having your brew your way, anytime you want it, is a breeze with Nespresso’s easy-to-use system. Insert a capsule (which keeps the coffee fresh) into the machine (which exerts the perfect amount of pressure), press a button and you’re guaranteed quality, great-tasting coffee every single time.

That guarantee comes from Nespresso working directly with over 70,000 farmers who hand-pick perfectly ripe coffee cherries, while overseeing the roasting, grinding, and finally, sealing of the coffee at its central headquarters in Switzerland. What you get is a distinct flavour you’ll always recognise.

And, however you take your coffee, Nespresso’s wide range of 24 Grand Crus coffee lets you have it any way you want – black, iced or with a superfood (yes, really). The only limit is your creativity.

So take a deep breath. Inhale that intoxicating aroma, taste the coffee and welcome a better morning.

Give your coffee a boost

Your morning just got even better – with these Nespresso coffee recipes by food stylist Bella Koh (@catslavery) that combine superfoods with unique local flavours. The perfect indulgence for you and your loved ones.


1 Envivo Lungo capsule

½ tsp cacao powder

1 tbsp coconut sugar

220ml soya milk

1 tbsp black sesame powder


Place the cacao powder and coconut sugar into a glass, and extract the Envivo Lungo (110ml) into it. Mix the soya milk with the black sesame powder, then froth the mixture in the frother. Pour the mixture, topped with a thin layer of frothed milk, into the lungo. Enjoy.


1 Fortissio Lungo capsule

1 tsp gula melaka

20ml coconut milk

¼ tsp wheatgrass powder

Gula melaka shavings


Place the gula melaka into a glass, and extract the Fortissio Lungo (110ml) into it. Heat the coconut milk and wheatgrass powder in the frother; add to coffee. Sprinkle gula melaka shavings over it.


Taste: Bella’s concoctions at the Nespresso boutiques at #01-16 Raffles City Shopping Centre and Basement 1 Takashimaya D.S.

Explore: The coffee machine range (from $208*) at Nespresso boutiques, or visit www.nespresso.com.

*This offer is valid from now till 28 Jun 2017, or while stocks last. Terms and conditions apply. Check in-store for details. Bella’s concoctions will similarly be available up till this time, or while stocks last.