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We look at the flawless Instagram feeds of our favourite Korean celebs and think about how much it must have taken for them to get all those perfect shots: Hours of editing, professional camera equipment, and oh, did we mention a perfect complexion

But as with all things these days, there’s an app out there to make those perfect pictures possible. Well, 5 apps, to be specific. 

Below, we’ve rounded up the photo editing apps used by K-celebs from Krystal Jung and Yoona to the members of Blackpink. 

Snow (Free)


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Photo: Instagram / taeyeon_ss


It’s a hit with: Taeyeon, Kim So-Hyun and Lee Sung-Kyung

The Snow app takes after Snapchat with its use of animated selfie filters and adorable stickers. But unlike Snapchat, Snow has the added function of AR makeup, allowing you to contour, add colour to lips and cheeks, and draw in your brows. 

With easy editing tools that make your complexion appear flawless, unique frames such as a vintage analog camera film border, and seasonal filters that give your photos that soft, pretty flush of colour, it’s no wonder K-celebs love the Snow photo-editing app so much.


Analog Paris ($1.48)



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It’s a hit with: APink’s Jung Eun-Ji, Twice’s Chaeyoung, and Jessica Jung.

To achieve that rosy, pink-tint effect so popular on the Instagram feeds of K-pop groups like Blackpink and Red Velvet, look to photo editing app Analog Paris. Designed to give your photos a romantic Parisian vibe, Analog Paris has filters that give your photos a dream-like soft focus quality and a saturated pastel undertone.  

Gudak Cam ($1.48)



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It’s a hit with: Sunmi, Krystal Jung, and Taeyeon.

As seen on the Instagram feeds of Sunmi, Krystal Jung and Taeyeon, Gudak Cam gives your photos a vintage grainy effect. It also gives you the whole old-school wait-for-your-film-to-develop experience. You first get a roll of 24 photos to take through a small viewfinder, like a disposable Kodak camera. When you’re finished with your roll of “film”, Gudak Cam tucks your photos away, making you wait for 3 days while the film “develops”. There are also unexpected added effects like light leaks, vignettes, and dust and scratches, to play with. 




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It’s a hit with: Yoona Lim and Suzy Bae.

Fake the effect of a Polaroid with the Polaroid FX app. Featuring official Polaroid film sizes, realistic textured frames and filters, the app allows you to customise your Polaroid photo. You’re also able to scribble fonts across your photos and play around with different backgrounds.

Foodie (Free)

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It’s a hit with: Irene from Red Velvet, and Jeong Eun-Ji from APink

The Foodie app was originally designed for editing food photos. But it appears that Foodie is great for taking selfies too. It has a diverse range of photo-enhancing filters, as well as basic photo-editing tools like iris blurs, photo cropping, and colour or lighting adjustments.