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Need a profile picture? Take a selfie. In front of the Eiffel Tower? Selfie! Just bumped into a superstar at your local supermarket? Unlikely, but if you did, selfie! With the last few weeks witnessing the opening of a Museum of Selfies in California, it’s clear that selfies aren’t going anywhere, despite the announcement they would be banned on the red carpet at the next Cannes film festival, so it’s important to anyone even the slightest bit vain to look half decent on them.

Most of us aren’t big influencers on Instagram or Snapchat, so spending a small fortune on apps and filters isn’t what we’re looking for, but if you’re looking for a way to up your selfie game with a couple of free apps that freshen up your look and let you play around with a few stickers, read on.


Retrica: Discover Yourself


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For those using Instagram, this will seem similar with filters, stamps and the chance to “discover interesting people and lives.” But the selection is new and the app has embraced ‘swipe to the right’ for the filter feature, speeding up the selection process. Also, creating your own GIFs and collages is very simple with this popular app.

According to their website 350,000,000 have downloaded the app and 80,000,000 photos are taken per day.


B612: Beauty & Filter Camera


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A beauty and filter app with over 1500 stickers, as well as drawing effects that can be made as you film a video.

Some apps may focus on filters that create a vintage or grunge look, however B612 seems more focused on flawless glowing skin. Users can adjust the beauty effect as they take the photo, rather than after, plus there is a slimming down feature. Yes, those holiday photos need not give away how much turkey’s been eaten, simply drag and reshape your face.



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A photo editor developed by Google for those looking to take things to the next level. The app has many options that can be applied to selfies, such as the portrait filter. Then if you click on the tools tab, additional tweaks can be made. Click ‘Healing’ to blur an unwanted spot or ‘Glamour Glow’ if you want 5 additional filter options for a dramatic look.

It may come across as a tool for photography enthusiasts but once a few simple hacks have been mastered, the app can create subtle yet very flattering alterations to your selfie. A good one for serious users.


Selfshot: Front Flash Camera


This is a very simple, yet very effective app. When the natural lighting around you isn’t great, or the room isn’t lit up, this is a camera you’re probably going to find useful. Once opened, you will see yourself in a small box in the corner, much like when using video chat, then the rest of the screen is brightly lit. The bright screen lights up your face so you can snap a selfie or put on lipstick even in a dark nightclub.


YouCam MakeUp


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For anyone in need of a little color, whether it be hot red lips or some eyeshadow, this is a good start. If at home in your pyjamas and suddenly you have a need for a glamour shot, forget going to the bathroom and getting the beauty kit out, instead have a “Magic Selfie Makeover”. Some of the makeup may not pass off as realistic, however there are several options that will.

All of the apps mentioned above are available for both iOS and Android. Most of them require you to login in with either Facebook or an email.