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The screams never stopped when the boys of Super Junior were on stage

Photo Credits: Running Into The Sun

The boys of Super Junior have always put on a good show and with Super Show 5, they have gone a step further. They were actively involved in the conceptualisation and planning of the entire concert, down to their stage performances.

While Super Show 5 marks the return of member Kangin this time round, besides Heechul who is still serving his military duties, Super Junior is also missing their leader Leeteuk and Yesung who both enlisted into the army this year. So the question remained, would the remaining eight boys be able to top their electrifying performance last year without their charismatic leader and other missing members?

The fans – ELFs – at the Indoor Stadium certainly had absolute faith in Super Junior. The one-night-only concert was sold out and the mosh pit was full before the concert started. Once the lights went out a little after 6pm, the area was transformed into a sea of electric blue – the official colour of the band – thanks to the fans’ lightsticks. The stadium then exploded into screams that didn’t stop until the very end.

Showing off their nifty footwork

Photo Credits: Running Into The Sun

The minute that Kangin, Siwon, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Ryeowook, Sungmin, Kyuhyun and Shindong appeared on stage and launched into “Mr Simple”, any doubts about their performance vanished. Their dance moves were still precise and coordinated and the main singers’ vocals rang clear through the sound system. After “Bonamana”, the boys were joined by their Super Junior M members Henry and Zhou Mi who blended right in for “Super Girl”.

The Comeback Kid

Kangin may have been away in the army for two years but it turns out that the fans’ love for every single member of Super Junior doesn’t wane, including in the case of Kangin. When the boys addressed the audience for the first time, he was emotional and appeared to be truly grateful to be back in action. The fans showed their support in return, by giving the loudest screams when it was his turn to speak. His hard work to catch up with the choreography and songs showed – two Super Junior albums were released while he was in the military – and he was barely out of step.

Kyuhyun wowing the crowd with his vocal pipes

Photo Credits: Running Into The Sun

The Ballad Princes’ Serenade

After a high energy string of eight fast tempo songs, the boys decided to create a romantic atmosphere with the vocal powerhouses Kyuhyun and Ryeowook – who with the missing Yesung form Super Junior K.R.Y – taking centre stage along with Sungmin and Zhou Mi for their rendition of Michael Bolton’s “How Am I Supposed To Live Without You”. While we already knew of Kyuhyun’s and Ryeowook’s vocal prowess, Sungmin proved to be able to hold his ground with his falsetto and Zhou Mi also reminded us why he is one of Super Junior M’s lead vocals.

Even with an injured finger, Donghae dazzled the fans

Photo Credits: Running Into The Sun

Donghae & Sungmin Become Gwiyomi Players

One of the lead dancers, Donghae was decidedly lacklustre during the opening songs and was obviously missing during the “Zombie” dance performance in which Shindong and Eunhyuk stormed the stage with their slick moves. When it was announced that Donghae had hurt his finger playing football and was unable to give his 100 per cent, the camera zoomed in to a visibly upset Donghae. He then attempted to make it up and “gift” the audience by doing the “Gwiyomi player” – a series of very cute hand movements – that the fans lapped up happily. The resident “cutie” Sungmin followed with an even cuter version of the “Gwiyomi player” to raise the sugar levels of everyone in the audience. But for the usually tame Donghae to go out of his comfort zone in this way – all is forgiven, Donghae.

Sungmin stealing hearts with his smile

Photo Credits: Running Into The Sun

Maximum Fanservice

For some reason, ELFs love for their idols to crossdress and the Super Show 5 was no exception. Siwon, Ryeowook, Kangin and Sungmin squeezed into body-hugging outfits and high heels to imitate female K-Pop stars Son Dambi, Bada from S.E.S, Gain from Brown-eyed Girls and Hyuna from 4 Minute respectively. While the adorable Ryeowook pranced around as though he was born to wear high heels, the visual of Super Junior Siwon was awkward and at one point, his wig fell off – but nevertheless, it was a sporting performance and we applaud the boys’ sense of humour.

Siwon doing what he does best – looking good

Photo Credits: Running Into The Sun

Super Junior Superheroes

Speaking of a sense of humour, Super Junior indulged in every boy’s fantasy and dressed up as their favourite superhero – although Zhou Mi’s decision to be Woody from Toy Story left us scratching our heads – for a short funny video that was screened. We loved Shindong as the Hulk – the teddy bear morphed into the green superhero with much panache.

Eunhyuk is pretty hot even with his shirt on

Photo Credits: Running Into The Sun

Eunhyuk Bares Some Skin

There was one thing that was missing in last year’s Super Show 4 and that was the absence of bare torsos. Eunhyuk set out to make things right for Super Show 5 – during “Rock Star”, the dancing machine took it all off, revealing his chiselled abs and every fan went home happy.

All Grown Up

Henry registered one of the loudest volumes of screams of the night with his first appearance in the concert. The youngest of the lot had shed his baby chubbiness and was looking very much a grown man. The talented singer broke out in a verse of his new solo single “Trap” while the boys were giving their goodbye speeches.

Where Were The Solo Performances?

Unlike other Super Shows, this concert was devoid of any solo stages by the individual members this time round. Solo stages were usually a chance for the spotlight to shine on each member’s talents. We have to say we missed Kyuhyun and Ryewook’s individual songs that usually brought the house down and were disappointed when best friends Donghae and Eunhyuk didn’t sing their catchy “Oppa Oppa”. Missing also from the set list were guest appearances from other SM artistes.

The boys slowing things down and having a little chat with the fans

Photo Credits: Running Into The Sun

But when the boys returned for their encore with their hit “Sorry Sorry” it promptly brought the house down, and we knew that despite not being at their full strength, the boys were very much the consummate performers who had more than delivered with their strong showmanship. They seemed honestly sorry that the Singapore leg of the tour was only for one night and lingered on stage long after their last song.

What touched us was their show of brotherhood and they did appear to be just a bunch of boys having the time of their lives with their friends. After the behind the scenes video that was played when the boys left the stage, Eunhyuk came back. Obviously unplanned, he spoke about how some fans were unhappy about the inclusion of Henry and Zhou Mi in the concert. He pleaded with fans to accept Henry and Zhou Mi as part of the Super Junior family, even though the two weren’t official members of Super Junior, he hoped everyone could support them.

Super Junior World Tour – Super Show 5 Singapore Song List
Mr Simple
Super Girl – with Henry and Zhou Mi
It’s You
Sexy, Free and Single
Boom Boom
Club No. 1
Cold – Eunhyuk, Siwon, Henry, Donghae
How Am I Supposed To Live Without You – Kyuhyun, Zhou Mi, Sungmin, Ryeowook
Dance performance: Zombie
Saturday Night/I’m Your Girl/Bloom/Ice Cream/Alone – Siwon, Ryeowook, Kangin, Sungmin
Break Down – Super Junior M
A-Oh – Super Junior M
Go/Shake it up – Super Junior M/ Super junior
Rock Star
Acoustic Medley (Bittersweet/Someday/Memories)
Wonder Boy
Honey Jar (Sunny)
Dancing out
Marry U

Sorry Sorry
Show Me Your Love
Sapphire Blue
So I