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“It’s important to learn to appreciate, and carve out some “me” time for yourself because doing so is associated with cognitive benefits such as increased creativity. It boosts mental wellbeing and cultivates more satisfying relationships,” says Dr Joel Yang, Clinical Psychologist at Mind what Matters, who adds that “me” time can come in various forms. “In essence, it is allowing yourself to spend some time unwinding, reflecting, and relaxing.”

1. Dawn Bey, co-founder of Pew Pew Patches


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Late night runs

“It can be very tiring coming up with ideas and having to constantly problem-solve so I find “me” time is important for stepping back and gaining some perspective on what I’m doing. It allows me to recharge and come up with new ideas.

Lately, I’ve been going on late night runs at East Coast Park. Running allows me to expand my energy and be free. I like to explore different routes whenever possible but the sound and smell of the sea at night in particular are very therapeutic to me.”


2. Sarah Naeem, co-founder of The Moon

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Journaling before bed

“Being able to center myself after a busy day at work is essential, and the thing I find most effective for me is journaling. I like to spend about 20 minutes before bed reflecting on the day and observing my thoughts and feelings. It’s a practice I started about three years ago, and it’s been essential in helping me to keep grounded and aware of myself.”


3. Leslie Goh, chief operating officer at Tribal Worldwide

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Lunch breaks in the office

“From 7am to 10pm every day, my schedule is packed with work and time with my kids, so I definitely find the need to clear my mind in between. This usually means having lunch in the office on my own and using that one hour break to channel my thoughts. It helps me focus on what needs to get done for the rest of the day.”

Massages and downtime before bedtime

“Once the kids go to bed, I treat myself to a massage with one of our portable massagers or catch up on Netflix shows while munching on my favourite snacks.”


4. Yuying Deng, CEO and co-founder of Altizen

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Exercise and reading out of the office

“As an entrepreneur who travels frequently and a mother of two young kids (with another on the way), as well as the chairperson of an entrepreneur network in Singapore, having sufficient “me” time is important so I feel balanced.

When I’m not in my office at WeWork, I try to slot in exercise with brisk walks around a park in my neighbourhood. That leaves me feeling energetic for the rest of the day.

I also try to snatch a couple of hours on the plane or on weekend afternoons to read too. I especially enjoy reading business classics or biographies of well-known business personalities, which give me new ideas on what I can apply to my business and provides fascinating insights into the minds of people whom I admire.”


5. Dipa Swaminathan, assistant general counsel at Singtel and founder of It’s Raining Raincoats

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Reading, TV and an oil massage

“I don’t get much “me” time but when I do it’s a toss up between lying on a couch reading, watching an intelligent and gripping TV show or squeezing in an Ayurvedic oil massage. If I can get time for all of the above, it’s bonanza time but that happens maybe once a year!”