Taking place from 8.30pm-9.30pm on Saturday, March 19, in Singapore (and all around the world at equivalent local time) Earth Hour is our chance to take stock of how our habits are literally shaping the future of our planet. The facts are indisputable: How we live our lives and our daily habits will have a significant impact on whether the planet is habitable for future generations. However, it’s not all doom and gloom, Earth Hour is a fun and interactive way to get involved with combating climate change. Here are five things we recommend you do as you turn off those lights and appreciate the 60 minutes: 

Image: Corbis

Light some scented candles

I personally love mood lighting (I can’t stand my apartment’s pre-installed harsh white lights) so my bedroom is never without lamps for an ambient glow.. As we’re turning off the lights for an hour, opt for old-school light sources which smell heavenly such as Diptyque’s candles or go natural with soy-wax based ones. If you’re an active type, try some candle lit yoga or stretches. 

Go to sleep

Hey, we definitely all don’t get enough of it. So cuddle up with your blanket (or a loved one), pull those curtains closed and take a well-deserved snooze. We won’t judge you if you don’t wake up after 60 minutes…

Eat ice-cream

There has never been a better excuse! If you’ve turned off all your electricity, all the ice cream in your freezer is going to melt! So eat away without guilt. At the moment we’re loving Haagen Dazs matcha green tea flavour, it’s so delicious. 

Go for a walk and make sure to look up! 

Take time to go for an evening stroll. The city can be so beautiful when it’s lit up! Be a tourist in your own area and visit the local park or somewhere similarly scenic. It’s amazing what you’ll notice and appreciate when you take the time to stop and smell the night. 

Invite friends over for a phone-free evening 

Have dinner (already cooked of course), catch up and play charades by candle light! Or just eat cheese and drink wine with your besties! No phones are allowed, we’re sure your conversations will be a lot richer for it. 

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