Image: i Light Marina Bay 2016


Artist: Zulkifle Mahmod (Singapore)

What: Inspired by city life, sound artist Zulkifle’s work is made of scaffolding and accompanied by a melodic composition of sounds usually heard at a construction site. The 15m-high installation is made up of 320 solenoids (electromagnetic devices) and LED lights.

Where: The Float @ Marina Bay


Artist: Jun Ong (Malaysia)

What: Architect-artist Ong was inspired by the form and behaviour of lightning when he created the piece.

The interactive artwork, which triggers a lightning effect when a button is pressed, not only mimics the ethereal nature of physical phenomenon, but also creates a tactile, visceral connection that adds the human touch to our increasingly virtually connected world.

Where: Marina Bay waterfront promenade


Artist: Snohetta (Norway)

What: Made of bamboo, this installation by architecture and design firm Snohetta not only acts as a shelter during the day, but also uses solar-powered lamps that light up intensively at night.

After the festival, the lamps will be donated to off-grid communities in Myanmar and the bamboo will be recycled.

Where: The Promontory @ Marina Bay


Artist: Brandon Tay (Singapore)

What: This site-specific work by motion and interactive designer Tay captures the movements of viewers using sensors and transports them into a dream-like, often abstract, landscape projected onto a screen.

The artist hopes that passers-by will stop to think about the physical landscape of the reclaimed Marina Bay area.

Where: Marina Bay waterfront promenade


Artist: Hafiz Osman (Singapore)

What: The installation artist, inspired by elderly male cyclists he has seen using LED-lit bicycles in Marina Bay, has created a form of mobile housing that combines a bicycle with a sheltered platform.

There are two versions of Cycle House – one stationary and the other mobile. The mobile version, which will be cycled by the artist and a group of LED bicycle enthusiasts on weekends, comes with a functioning karaoke system, which visitors can use.

Meanwhile, the stationary bicycle is parked permanently near Marina Bay Sands. Visitors can pedal it to power up the LED lights attached.

Where: Lower boardwalk, near Bayfront South jetty


Artists: Feng Jiacheng and Huang Yuanbei (China)

What: The artists created the work in response to the quality of air in China. While it does represent a full moon, the work also functions as a monitoring system for air pollutants, as its brightness depends on good air quality. The work demonstrates the close relationship between human beings and the environment.

Where: Marina Bay waterfront promenade


Artist: teamLab (Japan)

What: This multisensory interactive experience by interdisciplinary creative group teamLab encourages the public to co-create the artwork.

By accessing the website with their smartphone and selecting different Chinese characters by swiping on them, the character will appear on the facade of ArtScience Museum, followed by a visual representation of the word. For example, selecting “bird” will result in the Chinese character for “bird” appearing, followed by a flock of birds flying across the building. Selecting “thunder” will trigger thunder, while also appearing to scare the birds away.

Where: ArtScience Museum


Artists: School of Architecture and the Built Environment, Singapore Polytechnic (Singapore)

What: Made of pebbles coated with phosphorescent, or glow-in- the-dark paint, the artwork has light-emitting properties without using electricity. The piece is inspired by Japanese zen gardens and encourages visitors to reflect on issues such as man’s reliance on fossil fuels.

Where: Near Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay


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