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Bored of the usual movie and dining date? It’s probably about time that you surprised your date with something completely different. It is important for couples to keep their relationships alive and interesting by going through different experiences. And if you thought all you can do on a date in Singapore is eating, walking in malls and going to the movies, we’re about to show you that Singapore has much more to offer than that.

There are a lot of fun things you can do without spending a lot of money. We at will show you 7 alternative date ideas for couples so that you can impress your date with something new next time you go out!

1. Art Jamming

Not all of us are artists, but wouldn’t it be fun to see what each of you come up with in your piece of art? Spending a few hours sitting beside each other and concentrating on your canvas is a great way to unleash your creativity and have some fun.

Challenge yourselves to drawing something that your partner would put on his or her wall at home. Some places to try include Artistiq, My Art Space and Museo.

2. Kite-Flying

Kite-flying used to be something really romantic; there’s something about letting yourself loose running across green plains with wind blowing in your hair.

But in our concrete jungle here in Singapore, the hobby seems to have disappeared quietly. However, a new breed of kite-flying is re-surfacing: LED Night Kites! Get them from Kite Culture and head to the Marina Barrage for a night of fun!

3. Star-Gazing

Did you know that the Singapore Science Centre offers free star-gazing sessions? While our city is a little too bright for us to catch the stars with our naked eyes, head down to the Observatory and discover the constellations that cross our vistas. You can even go for astronomy talks if it suits your fancy.

4. Prawning

Prawning is a fun activity to do without the hassle of fishing – getting the rods, the feeds and knowing where to go, You can simply visit one of these prawning facilities – Hai Bin Prawning or Fish@Big Splash – to spend a satisfying time prawning and then BBQ-ing your catch.

5. Jigsaw Puzzle Night

Fixing a jigsaw puzzle together can be a good challenge for a relationship – it tests your patience and team work.

On top of it, you taste the satisfaction of completing the puzzle together. It is also a cheap activity – buy a 500 or 1000-piece puzzle and you will be able to even spend a few date nights working on it!

6. Outdoor Movie Screening

If the two of you love watching movies, consider taking it outdoors, or visit some other special places to watch a movie. Follow Moviemob to enjoy free movie screenings everywhere across the island, or consider other choices such as Films at the Fort and The Projector.

To save money on movies, use a credit card that offers cashback, points on discounts on your spending. Here’s our pick of the 2 best credit cards for movies in Singapore.

7. Horse-Riding

Fancy seeing your Prince Charming on a horse? You don’t need a fairytale for that; in fact, do it right here on the little red dot!

Go on a trail horse ride at Gallop Stables and there’s no need to worry about your horses galloping uncontrolled. There are experienced handlers with you and who knows, it might become a new hobby for the both of you!

If you’re looking for more things to do together, take a look at these 8 inexpensive and romantic ideas for couples in Singapore.


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