The new year normally starts quite optimistically. On the Twitter-verse, 48 percent of users tweeted that their 2014 new year’s resolution was to exercise more and be healthier. But on a more sobering tone, reported that only a demoralising eight percent actually achieve their new year goals.

Well, if you were really good at going to the gym for the first two weeks of January, only to slack off in the third week because of lack of time or motivation, don’t lose heart yet.

For 25 days, we will provide you with that extra boost you need to keep at your exercise goal. Whether a new fitness class excites you, a new app gets your heart rate pumping or you can’t wait to parade at the gym in the latest styles, we will unveil an exercise class, gear or app every day to push you along. 

Don’t forget to check back in every day. We are rooting for you so don’t give up!