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At Her World, we are committed to “power your happy” through inspiring content. And what better way to do that than through music? Introducing our second Spotify playlist (check out our first if you haven’t already): from pop to soul, and even rock – one of these is bound to get your feet tapping, no matter what happiness looks like to you. 


1) Motivation – Normani 

I’ma break you off, let me be your motivation / To stay and give it tonight 

Since Fifth Harmony announced an indefinite hiatus earlier last year, this number marks Normani’s first project as a solo artist. Co-written with Ariana Grande, the single is everything you think a pop hit should be – bright, catchy, and with great accompanying choreography. The music video which dropped the same day as the track’s release features Normani’s dancing chops in full glory as she pirouettes, back flips and twerks, all while looking super fly. 


2) Senorita – Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello 

Sapphire moonlight / We danced for hours in the sand / Tequila sunrise / Her body fit right in my hands, la la la / It felt like ooh la la la, yeah

This collaboration is basically a sexy daydream in a song. Marking its territory on Spotify’s Singapore Top 50 playlist, the two pop sweethearts share a chemistry that pulsates through the track, and even more so in the music video’s behind-the-scenes footage. If this sultry number doesn’t make you feel warm and puppy-eyed yet, you probably just need a second listen.


3) Happy Now – Kygo, Sandro Cavazza

You and me, it was good, but it wasn’t right / And it’ll be hard, but I know I will make it out / Step by step, I’ll move on and get on with life / So I let go, and I hope you’ll be happy now

Nothing screams good vibes like a tropical house track. Even when it’s a tribute track for a late artist. Norwegian DJ Kygo and Swedish artist Sandro Cavazza collaborated to produce “Happy Now” for their good friend, late Swedish electronic musician, Avicii. Cavazza’s powerful vocals against Kygo’s signature sound is an uplifting earworm that makes us feel all types of ways. 


4) Won’t be late – Swae Lee, Drake

Kill your vibe, they don’t have the right / Baby don’t fight it, you’re giving me life / Take your time, set the mood right / Settle down, was skeptical at first but now I’m not

When a half of Rae Sremmurd, a viral rapper, and an afrobeats maker are in a room together, this track is what you get. Produced by Nigerian artist Tekno, the song channels dancehall elements which command involuntary hip gyrations. Building up with a rhythmic drum sequence that sits comfortably with Lee’s and Drake’s vocal exchange, this song transports you to a surreal level of relaxed. 


5) Know – Mary J. Blige 

You know, when hear the word queen / You automatically think of a woman getting everything she wants / But it’s not like that at all (At all) / See, being a ruler means sacrifice (Sacrifice) / Most of the time, you get less than what you give (What you give) / So every woman and mother in the world is a queen / Because she sacrificed so much (So much)

At this point, Blige can do no wrong. Revered as one of the Queens of hip-hop and soul, her latest empowering track, “Know”, pays tribute to women around the world who have sacrificed and survived. Showcasing her powerhouse vocals as usual, the song reeks of triumph. We can almost feel the wind in our hair as we listen to this. 


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6) Classic – MKTO

Woo girl, you’re shining / Like a 5th Avenue diamond / And they don’t make you like they used to / You’re never going out of style

It’s a wildcard, but something told us this track had to be in this list. It’s been a good six years since the release of this number – long enough for the duo’s top search to be “Is MKTO still together?” – but old is always gold. Especially when it comes to music. Not only does the track have that throwback-ish vibes that we can never get enough of, but something about Tony Oller’s infectious vocals makes us want to sing along and press repeat, even six years on. 


7) Dancing with a stranger – Sam Smith, Normani

Look what you made me do, I’m with somebody new / Ooh, baby, baby, I’m dancing with a stranger 

This is a dream collab on many levels, not just for us eager listeners, but also for Sam Smith who is a well-known fan of Fifth Harmony. Joy oozes out of this joint project, through Normani’s soulful delivery and Smith’s larger-than-life vocals. Something about the mood paints a picture of slow-dancing in an underground club at midnight – do you feel us?


8) Beautiful people – Ed Sheeran ft. Khalid 

Beautiful people / Drop top, designer clothes / Front row at fashion shows / “What d’you do?” And, “Who d’you know?”

You could consider collaboration like this a blessing. This uplifting track by the two pop sensations is refreshing and raw, as the lyrics urge people to stay true to oneself while avoiding materialism and superficiality.  Combined with a floaty melody and hand-clapped rhythm, this is the kind of wholesome content we always need. 


9) Cool – Jonas Brothers 

I’m feeling so cool / Top to the bottom, just cool / Every little thing that I do / Dammit, I’m feelin’ so cool, yeah

The chorus says it all. Jonas Brothers are seriously feeling themselves, and we won’t say no to this self-hype anthem that’s got us happy dancing (bedroom dancers around the world, unite!). While the song is seemingly simple and honest, it does bear some references to the boy’s significant others, if you can spot them. 


10) Howlin’ for you – The Black Keys 

I must admit / I can’t explain / Any of these thoughts racing / Through my brain / It’s true / Baby I’m howlin’ for you

The fact is that happiness manifests in different forms, and sometimes we envision it in an all-leather OOTD and a devil-may-care attitude. Nearly a decade since this release from the American rock band, this playful hit smells like whiskey and cigarettes. But it’s the kind of tune that’ll put a smile on your face without you even knowing. 


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