Marks & Spencer Special

Singapore is renowned for being a food haven and it’s no wonder why. We serve up a wide variety of cuisines; from local delights at the hawker centres to exotic dishes at restaurants, our dining landscape is nothing short of exciting. There are plenty of options for anyone who’s hungry!

However, there’s one thing that many busy working professionals complain about: The lack of good quality food that they can take away and prepare later. Many of them have to work through usual eating hours and only have the luxury to dine after work. They are usually left with only frozen options that might not be as delicious as freshly prepared food.

Sounds all too familiar? Listen up, here’s an immediate solution for you. Cue Marks & Spencer.

Over the last 50 years, Marks & Spencer have been consistently providing consumers with great quality chilled food at a good value and have always been the market leader in this sector. After being very well-received in Hong Kong, the brand finally decided to introduce this selection in Singapore – only the second Asian country to get a chilled food section, which is exclusive to the M&S Wheelock flagship store.

If you loved Marks & Spencer’s selection of food products – their delectable cookies and decadent chocolates for example – be prepared to love the chilled food selection even more.

Choose from a wide variety of food such as comforting soups, nutrition-packed salads, yoghurts, assorted cheeses, seafood, fresh juices, and even exotic fruits and vegetables. There are over 600 food products for you to choose from!

For those who need a bit of a sugar perk-me-up, there are also crowd pleasing desserts like cheesecakes, cream doughnuts and apple crumble. This is perfect for time strapped professionals or for those who want to enjoy fresh tasty food with the least effort.

1. Tomato and basil soup, $8.50

Soups are one of the best comfort foods to sink your lips into, especially after a long day of work. This simple blend of vine-ripened tomatoes and cherry tomatoes is creamy and the addition of sweet basil makes it fragrant and refreshing.




2. Nutty super wholefood salad, $7.90

For people who are more health conscious and super-food obsessed, this salad should be right up your alley. There are a variety of beans, vegetables and nuts served with a flavourful sesame tahini dip that will keep you satisfied for a long time.




3. Woodfired pollo pesto and chargrilled vegetable pizza, $17.90

Pizzas have always been a popular choice when it comes to chilled food, but this one is in a league of its own. This pizza is made from a slow rising sourdough which is hand-stretched before being baked in a woodfired oven. That gives the dough a chewy, satisfying texture with a dose of smokey flavour. There’s also a generous amount of toppings made from fresh ingredients.




4. Bread & butter pudding, $8.50

This is a classic British family favourite made from simple ingredients, almost like heaven in a box. Think layers of rich buttery bread pudding drenched with fresh cream vanilla custard and juicy sultanas with a hint of nutmeg, all you have to do is just to warm it up.




5. Pressed greens, $4.90

It’s not easy to find bottled juices that are freshly pressed, so this one is a definite winner. Made from cucumber, romanesco broccoli, celery, grape, parsley, kale & lime, this vibrant, energy packed drink will take you through any day at work.




Visit Marks & Spencer at Wheelock Place to experience the goodness of their chilled food now! For store listings in Singapore, please visit