The three main things to consider when picking out a car: physical build, ergonomic set-up and affordability. And when you drive every day, you’ll want a car that makes your driving experience effortless. That’s why race car driver and presenter Claire Jedrek opted to get herself a Kodiaq from trusty Czech automobile brand Škoda.

The Kodiaq is a seven-seater SUV that has a stable body and a sporty look. “It’s perfect for me. Driving sports cars is my thing, and I love the torque and power the Kodiaq has. The engine runs smoothly and it feels like I’m driving a sports car,” she says. 

As the main driver in her family, Claire vouches that the car is a reliable mode of transportation because of its stability.

“I’m shuffling from the office to my son’s school, and to pick my husband up almost every day. So it’s important that I get a car that’s safe and convenient,” she adds.

“It’s the long wheel-base that creates more space in the interior of the car. On long road trips to Malaysia, the car is spacious and comfortable for both driver and passengers.” 


Driving smart

According to Claire, the Kodiaq ticks all the boxes of a smart car in this century. It comes with a built-in high-resolution touchscreen, and drivers can connect their phones (via Bluetooth) to Apple Carplay. From there, you can control the volume and skip tracks with the buttons on the steering wheel. 

“Every feature I need while driving is within arm’s reach,” she explains. A voice enhancer is located at the driver’s seat so the driver doesn’t have to strain her voice when she’s talking to her passengers. Another interesting function is the umbrella built into the door of the driver’s seat – just in case you’re caught off guard by Singapore’s erratic weather.


High-tech features that aren’t gimmicky

The car’s smart-tech also plays a part in accident-proofing the car. Safety features such as blind-spot detection and proximity alarms make the car safe for all drivers. You don’t need to be a pro race car driver to park the car.

“Tiny plastic bumpers automatically snap out to protect the edges of your car from scratching neighbouring cars in a tight spot. It’s like the car’s doing the thinking for you!” she enthuses.

There’s also a virtual pedal that senses your feet if you’re holding too many groceries.

And if you, like Claire, love to work out, there’s a chilled glove box for you to store your cold-pressed juice as you’re sipping it on the way back from the gym. 

Škoda has once again proven itself to be a brand that prioritises user preferences.

And Claire swears by the car’s multi-faceted set-up: “The Kodiaq isn’t just a car, it’s a sport chassis with a family frame.”

From now till 6 November (12pm), the Kodiaq starts at an affordable price of $143,400.