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‘Single and ready to mingle’ is a delightful anecdote, but rarely ever accurate. Being single is often pretty exhausting — especially if you’re enduring bad date after bad date and you’ve been looking for that special someone for a long time.

Ironically, you only value your singledom once you’re no longer single.

So to avoid any ‘grass is greener’ nostalgic thoughts down the line, we’re here to help you slay at being single in the here and now. Alter how you view both yourself and your life to make this year your year.


Stop chasing a dream and start living reality

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It’s so easy to get wrapped up in an ideal — something that you think would make everything better. If you had a partner, you’d do more. Go out more. See more.

You easily put your future in the hands of someone imaginary, assuming that once you find ‘the one’, everything will fall into place. It categorically will not be the case. Sorry to burst that bubble, but the only person who can make you complete, is you. 

Which is actually really awesome! Because it means your happiness will never depend on someone else. It’s always in your own hands. Rather than wait for someone else to come along, live in the reality instead. See your life as it is now, fulfilled and whole.

Easier said than done right? Keep reading…


Love yourself just as you are, no plus one needed

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The fast-track way to slaying at being single is first accepting that you are single. Sounds easier than it is, but being happy without someone else around you is the key core value you need to master.

It’s time you enjoyed your alone time — and that means enjoying doing things by yourself, for yourself. Go watch a movie, get a massage or while away the afternoon reading a book at the cafe. It’s time you realised that no man can make you complete. Actually, to be able to love someone else you must first love yourself.

This is the healthiest way to then enter into any new relationship, having realised you’re okay alone and your happy alone too. Loving yourself just as you are is the crux of being happy single and then, happy in a relationship too.


Accept that being single isn’t a ‘negative’

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This is darn important to your self-improvement. For some reason (particularly with family over the CNY period), being single is seen as a bad thing. Unless you’re swanning around arm-in-arm with some perfect male, you’ve got a defect. That’s not true, FYI.

Do not allow other people’s opinions or ideals to make pressure you into needing a man, or make you feel that without one, you have an issue. In fact, being single is an advantage.

It means you can spend time working on yourself — focusing on your future, your wants and needs and not settling for anything less than what you believe you deserve.

Don’t hate on the single life. Cherish it.


Do exactly what you want, when you want it

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Yoga at 9pm? Why not. Takeout at 1am just because? Sure. Weekend spent entirely in bed or binge-watching Netflix? Go for it.

There is something so infinitely precious about only having yourself to worry about. Doing what you please and doing what you love are surefire ways to be happy about being single.

When you do find someone (which you will), you’ll soon regret not making the most of all your free single time. 


Find a new hobby / hone a new skill

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During all this single free time, start feeling accomplished and productive by learning something new. It can be anything you wish — from a craft to a new exercise class, whatever you want to try, now is the time to do it.

It can be something as simple as downloading an app to help you learn a new language, or trying to meditate on your commute to work, or learning how to play the guitar from Youtube — it doesn’t have to be something that costs a lot or usurps your precious free time.

However, if you’re in the mood for some interaction, go for classes and workshops with other like-minded individuals. That way, you’d have a safe place to socialise, make new friends, have fun and pick up something new. Win-win. 


Hit Ctrl + Delete on any current men that you know, deep down, are no good

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For the single girls who have some men hanging around them — you know who you are — now is the time to delete. Sorry to say, but if he isn’t that interested to make you his girl, then he isn’t worth any of it. Period.

Sure, he provides you some attention and company, but you are worth much more than that. Besides, while you’re focusing your attention on the guy and the “relationship” that is not going anywhere, you are unknowingly warding off the decent ones.


Create a soulmate mood board

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While you’re kicking butt at being single, it’s fair to say you may still want to settle down with someone in the future. So how do you get ready to find someone?

This sounds a little cringy, but mood boards are a fab way of projecting what you’re after into the universe. Given the laws of attraction too, mood boards do help you bring about what you’re focused on. So, focus on the kind of person you want to attract into your life. It’s that easy.

You can use images, quotes, magazine clippings — whatever you so desire — to create a mood board. Make it positive, make it true to yourself and put it somewhere in your room that you can see every day.

Now sit back, and relish in your best life.