Pink could never “give up everything” when it comes to tasty treats.

The songstress gave birth to her daughter Willow in June last year and has since showed off her impressive weight loss.

Although she’s worked hard to get back in shape, Pink doesn’t deny herself anything in the way of food and drink.

“I love to eat. I love carbs. I love pizza, beer, pasta and bread. It’s about balance. I still have bread. I’ve had dinner with those people who’ve given everything up,” she explained.

“And personally, I’d be really pi*sed if something happened to me tomorrow and I’d just given up bread yesterday.”

Pink is proud of her determination. The star has worked tirelessly in the gym to get rid of her excess baby weight, although she insists she still has a way to go.

“I’ve worked my f**king ass off. I trained hard and I’m still going. I worked with [trainers] Jeanette Jenkins and Jillian Michaels and they kicked my ass twice a day. It’s not fun. But I love feeling like a machine,” she revealed to Fabulous magazine.

“I’m still not back to my pre-baby weight but my problem is when I look at Willow and go: ‘Do I want to go to the gym? Or do I want to hang out with you?’ And it’s not really a question.” – Cover Media