It’s that time of the year again when the fastest cars take to the streets of Singapore and the hottest acts head to our sunny island for outdoor performances unlike any other. Yes, folks, it’s the Singapore Grand Prix season yet again and the herworldPLUS will be staking out both the racetrack and the various entertainment stages to bring you the latest updates from the night race.

The first day of the race weekend is the practice day when two practice sessions are held for the Formula One racers. While 2009’s winner Lewis Hamilton had the fastest time of 1min 47.055sec in the first session, the Mercedes driver was crowded out by the Red Bull team of Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber in the second practice session. Two-time winner of the Singapore Grand Prix Vettel finished on 1min 44.249sec, putting him in good stead for the third practice session and qualifying session tomorrow.

Credit: Singapore Grand Prix via Action Images

Once the action on the race track died down, the screeching of the tires and engines turned into the screams of those waiting for K-pop band Big Bang to take the stage. We salute the dedication of some fans who actually had been queuing since the middle of the week for a spot in the fan zone and to get as close to the stage as possible.

We are glad to report that the fans would not be disappointed.

G Dragon. Credit: Singapore Grand Prix

When the opening “Fantastic Baby” video played on the big screens, the whole Padang exploded into screams as though the Big Bang boys had appeared on stage – we were all chanting “Boom shakalaka” along with the video.

G Dragon, TOP, Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri didn’t keep us waiting for long. Right after the opening video, the opening strands of “Tonight” played and G Dragon’s voice filled the air – promising that tonight would certainly be a great night. The five members didn’t have to do much to coax up into raising our hands up for “Hands Up” but we swear we felt the ground move when the whole crowd danced together for “Fantastic Baby”.

Daesung. Credit: Singapore Grand Prix

When it was time for a break – well-deserved we might say – Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri engaged the crowd in some chit-chat. Taeyang shared a song about what he ate in Singapore and rapped it out. His “I ate chilli crab, and pepper crab and Nando’s” rhyme had everyone in stitches! Daesung may have had little to say in English to his fans but those present simply roared to attention whenever he spoke.

Taeyang. Credit: Singapore Grand Prix via Action Images

Back to Taeyang who was unusually clothed – he wore not only a cap over his newly blonde hair, he was wearing a long sleeved T-shirt under a button-down and also what resembled a tablecloth over his pants. We couldn’t help but pity the dude who was obviously feeling the heat of Singapore with so many layers on but alas, he didn’t rip any piece off to reveal his admirable body this time round. The zero sighting of his bare body and the fact that both he and Daesung didn’t have a solo stage tonight was the only two low points of this Big Bang concert.

TOP. Credit: Singapore Grand Prix

G Dragon then burst back onto stage with his latest solo song “Crooked” and we were personally glad to see that he had ditched his white jacket. His bestie then joined him for their GD&TOP “Knock Out” and our personal favourite “High High” saw us doing the syndronised hand movements along with the duo.

Seungri. Credit: Singapore Grand Prix

The baby of the group Seungri then belted out his foot-tapping new individual single “Gotta Talk to U” before admitting that although his English wasn’t the best, his dancing and singing skills weren’t bad. To prove this, he then showed off his nimble moves during “Strong Baby”, another of his solo songs.

The others emerged again to for a string of hits that included Taeyang proving his vocal prowess with an acoustic version of the beginning of “Bad Boy” and then he also made sure to do a couple of cartwheels for fan service. He revealed that his newest solo album would also be released really soon and he promised that “it would be dope”.

Credit: Singapore Grand Prix via Action Images

Poor TOP’s companion for the night was the good old towel to mop up his sweat although he did make it a point to toss the towels to his adoring fan girls, with a charismatic wink. The boys teased the crowd by saying goodbye after “Last Farewell”. There was no way the crowd was going to bid them farewell so soon. Of course Big Bang returned for one more rendition of “Bad Boy” and “Fantastic Baby”.

The first day of the Singapore Grand Prix had indeed started with a big bang.

The Singapore Grand Prix is on now until Sunday, September 22 2013. For more information, go You can get updates also from the Facebook page or Twitter at @F1NightRace.