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One of the gripes of living in the 21st century is that we never seem to have time to do things that we really want. Unfortunately, this includes sex. It’s a common situation couples find themselves in – the need to schedule sex into their calendars so there’s still some physical intimacy in the relationship. Or, if you’ve been with your partner for a long time, sex could just be a part of your routine now and could even feel like a bit of an obligation you just want to get over and done with.

So what if we told you there’s an easy way to spice up your sex life? The answer comes (no pun intended) in the form of spontaneous sex. Yes, we’re giving you the licence to jump on your man whenever you feel like it – as long as you’re alone, that is.


Why is spontaneous sex good for your relationship?

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It’s more satisfying

If you’ve ever had problems trying to get in the mood, you’ll know that you need to strike while the iron is hot, for best results. So when you feel horny around your man, don’t wait for a more ‘convenient’ time, just go for it instead. It’s thrilling and you’ll get satisfied a lot easier – and in a more fun way – too.


It boosts your partner’s confidence

If you grab your man when he least expects it and show him just how much you want him right then and there, he’ll feel amazing. You’ll make him feel irresistible and he’ll know that you’re so attracted to him that you just can’t wait to have your wicked way with him. Of course, the hope is that he reciprocates and makes you feel the same way too by getting spontaneous with you.


It’s exciting and honest

There’s nothing like getting something when you want it, and the same can be applied to this situation too – there’s nothing like having sex with your man when you just have to have him. It won’t feel like an obligation or an event in your calendar you have to tick off. Instead, it’s sincere because it’s what you feel at that point in time and you want to share the moment with your man. And, when spontaneous sex is something that you both do as a couple, it’ll add an extra level of excitement to your relationship because you just never know when one of you will pounce on the other so you’ll always be on high alert – in a good way.


When should I initiate spontaneous sex?

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While watching a movie

You’re both on the couch, enjoying some snacks while enjoying a flick. You then decide to feast on him instead so make your move when he least expects it. If you’re very brave, try it the next time you’re in a movie theatre – as long as there’s nobody around you and and you’re both discreet.


In the shower

He’s going through his usual morning routine and the last thing he expects is any ‘disturbance’ to it. Make his morning by slipping into the shower and getting wet and sexy with him. You’ll both definitely be grinning for the rest of the day.



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At his office

Surprise him at his workplace and initiate a sexy one-on-one meeting that needs his urgent attention. He’ll definitely find the rest of the day easier to get through. Note: This only works if he has his own office with a door and blinds or no windows. An open plan office is not the way forward.


In the middle of the night

You’re awake at some ungodly hour and feeling really horny? Wake your man up with gentle touches and kisses and see if he fancies some 3am action too. Once he’s half awake, get on top of him and work your way through some sexy sleepy sex.

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Go for round two

So you’ve just had sex and everything was lovely but you want more. You both usually just get on with your day/night when you’re done so he’s definitely not going to be expecting anything else. Don’t let him leave the room but instead, tell him that you want him again, then take your time to get all revved up and get to that finish line once again.


When he gets home from work

As soon as he walks in the door – or you can wait a few minutes till he’s settled on the couch – grab him and tell him how much you’ve missed him all day. Then tell him you know just what he needs to forget the stresses of the day and go forth and do the deed.