Women are kickass. We aren’t afraid to go after what we want – in our careers and future mates – and at times, we do it with more gusto than men. 

Prominent examples of this are the great women who changed history. Marie Curie discovered radium and radioactivity, Amelia Earhart was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean and Mother Theresa tended to the sick and dying until the day she passed on.

But no matter how awesome (or garang) we are, we still like to be treated like a woman in our relationships. That is, to be hugged and cuddled to no end. 

What women really want is someone to listen, take us on holiday and basically just pay attention. Image: Corbis

While this might seem like a double standard to most men, it’s a perfectly logical concept to most of us. I’ll explain: even though we need to be tough to achieve what we want in other areas of our lives, we still expect a little tender loving care (TLC) from our partners. 

So, here are some things that the men in your lives can do to make you feel special in your relationship; pass them on!

Don’t call us and ask what’s for dinner – that’s just plain sexist. You’d be better off sending us a sweet text, proving how much you really cherish us.

We don’t need solutions – we’re perfectly capable of thinking those up ourselves. What we need is someone to listen and absorb what we’re ranting about.

Even though we’re used to seeing you in ratty tees and less-than-desirable shorts, we do want to see our men looking good occasionally, because it shows you think we’re worth impressing. So, surprise us with dinner once a week and make an effort to wear something smart!

We’re talking about a nice, warm, kiss on the cheek every now and then. The more random it is; the better the surprise.

Before technology advanced, couples in love slaved away with paper and ink, penning down their emotions for each other. Hand-written notes give notion to that romantic era and are definitely the most thoughtful kind! If you’re a guy who can’t put emotion on paper, copy a poem instead. 

Show us you want to spend uninterrupted quality time with us by whisking us off into the sunset! If you’re on a budget, planning a fun day out will achieve the same thing.

In a nutshell, what we really want is to feel loved, so tell your fella to get to it! 

* Note: If you’d like to forgo all six, then a shiny (2 carat) surprise in a plush box will earn you a one day pass.

Alisa Chopard is a writer who appreciates life’s simplest pleasures, like good food and a fiancé who listens (hint).