SLEEP STYLE: You and hubby lie on your sides, facing the same direction and touching.

WHAT IT MEANS: Both of you are close and feel secure with each other – being in the foetal position shows a willingness to expose your vulnerabilities. The one on the outside is more dominant, while the one inside needs to be nurtured. The partner clinging on more tightly shows less confidence in the relationship.
SLEEP STYLE: Both closely facing each other, with intertwined arms and legs.
WHAT IT MEANS: Your honeymoon is far from over – the intimacy shows a desperate need to be near each other. Your relationship could also be stifled by over-dependency. However, lust is definitely on the cards!
SLEEP STYLE: Both sleep separately on opposite sides of the bed with no contact.
WHAT IT MEANS: It isn’t always bad because some people can’t stand being held while sleeping. But watch out: If you start and end the night without touching at all, then the relationship may be on the rocks.
SLEEP STYLE: Both lie on the back, stomach or sides but legs touching.
WHAT IT MEANS: A healthy sleeping position, it shows you are independent but take comfort in each other. You are good friends, but find it hard to express affection.