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You can only have great sex if both you and your partner know how to pleasure each other. Here are the buttons to push if you want to drive your man crazy with desire.

1. Ears

There are many nerve endings in your ears, which is why it feels so good to clean them with a cotton bud. Gently flick your tongue along the crevices of your man’s ears and behind them, or blow gently to create a buzz, to stimulate these nerves.

2. Neck

The neck is another erogenous zone for men, especially the back of the neck. Give him a slow neck massage while nibbling his earlobe to increase his arousal.


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3. Inner thighs

Run your fingers or gently scrape your nails up and down along this sensitive area to arouse your hubby. Feather-light touches at an area so close to his scrotum (which, you will know, is another pleasure zone) will make him anticipate you moving higher up to his groin area.

4. Feet

Many people love foot reflexology because it’s so relaxing. There are also nerves at the bottom of your feet that connect to your sexual organs, so giving hubby a loving foot rub increases blood circulation to get him in the mood for sex.