No, we’re not talking about designer Barbie dolls or limited edition Hello Kitty plush toys from Japan. Nor are they the latest tech gadgets, either.

What these toys offer are waves of pleasure that course through your entire body. Every woman needs one and every man wishes their partner would bring it into play. Yes, we’re talking about those sacred toys that are strictly private and are only used within the confines of your bedroom — preferably.

With the decent number of adult toy shops scattered around Singapore, it’s relatively easy to get hold of one. But stepping into a shop can be a challenge, due to the sexy advertising, colourful neon lights and lewd images.

Enter the new online designer adult toy shop, HushHushShop, which carries products that reflect the brand’s values: stylish, sensual and safe. Owner Jasmine Chng says HushHushShop represents today’s Singapore women, who she believes are “liberal equals”. 

“They are no longer bound by norms found in other countries, like the raunchy male association with adult toys, and can safely and intimately engage in healthy pleasure through them,” she adds.

At the moment, this online shop only carries three adult toys because of the brand’s stringent selection process. After reading about its available toys, let’s just say we hope HushHushShop can cut some slack in its selection process and bring in more already!

Here’s a sneak peak:

We-Vibe II, $215
This vibrator is the first toy that can be used while making love. How? Its unique design allows for both clitoral and g-spot stimulation, and apparently there will still be enough room for him to share the fun. We’re not exactly sure it sounds humanly possible, but hey, it’s one of the world’s top-selling adult toys.

Better than Chocolate, $135.90
No joke, this vibrator is an award-winning masterpiece by German-Asian designer Nomi Tang — it was named the “Top Sexiest Vibrator for 2009” by fashion magazine Cosmopolitan UK, and it clinched the “Red Dot Design Award” in 2010. It’s also the world’s first touch control adult toy, which means you can increase or decrease the vibration speed by sliding your finger up and down its sensor. Bonus: it claims to create the “quietest vibes” even when the vibration speed is at its strongest.

HushHushShop provides a Premium Extended Warranty service for added security. To buy a product, you can either pay via an online transaction or email HushHushShop at for alternatives.