Not only do they have good genes and talent, but they are also stars in their own right. This week we bring you the top five sexiest Japanese celebrities who have won over our hearts.

Sexiest-1 Takeshi Kaneshiro

He’s come a long way from his pretty boy Aniki Jin days to today’s award-winning silver screen actor. He’s cool, aloof and has his love life completely under wraps. We just can’t get enough of his scruffy good looks and mysterious aura. Maybe, someday we can find our way to him, not unlike his movie, Turn Left, Turn Right.

Hidetoshi Nakata

This former footballer is the insignia of sex appeal and style. He’s almost like Asia’s very own David Beckham. He looks good in everything and was even made the Knight of the Star of Italian Solidarity after he played for Roma.Though he’s retired from professional football, he still works his magic from the front row of fashion shows. Catch his lean mean bod on display for all in his Calvin Klein underwear campaign.

Takuya Kimura

He’s goofy and sexy, all rolled into one and that’s just exactly that we need in a man. We want to run our hands through his tousled hair and pucker up to those pouty lips. This SMAP member is also a drama serial king and who could forget those Gatsby commercials?!

Ken Watanabe

This amazing actor is the manly man we’ve always wanted. He held his own opposite Tom Cruise in the Last Samurai and delivered a great performance in Inception. It’s his charisma and piercing gaze that have captured our hearts. Not to mention the good genes that he’s passed to his model-actress daughter Anne Watanabe.

Oguri Shun

This actor is famous for his roles in hit Japanese drama series’ such as Hana Yori Dango, Hana Kimi and Crows Zero. But this heartthrob has gone from onscreen hero to behind-the-scenes as a film director. His cheeky smile makes him all the more endearing and it’s sure to brighten up your day anytime.