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1. “When I’m not nervous or chatty on a first date, it’s because I’m really only interested in a good time. When I’m into a woman, I act like a silly schoolboy!” – Qi Hang, 31, climbing instructor

2. “Two phones. A dead giveaway!” – Kevin, 29, business developer

3. “If I’m all touchy-feely in private, but practically ignore you when we’re out or with company… sorry, I’m just not that into you.” – Ralph, 29, illustrator

4. “Always check his ring finger. Not for a wedding ring, but for a tan line…” – Desmond, 38, financial marketing manager

5. “Real men who care about you won’t just be there for the fun times, they’ll be there when you need them. I’m single and I don’t want the hassle of hearing about your bad day or your friend’s rude text. I’m out of there when things get too ‘real’, just as any ‘bad lad’ would be…” – Simon, 40, accountant

6. “Any dude who spends too much time preening and primping is not worth your time. He’ll always be into himself more than you.” – Adrian, 37, pilot

7. “If I just want something casual, I don’t talk about my family or friends. I try to divulge as little as possible because I’m not serious about having her in my world.” – Stuart, 32, creative director

8. “Naughty boys never make plans with a woman more than a day or two in advance. I keep my options open in case something – or someone – better comes along.” – Jun, 34, web developer

9. “Bad boys like motorbikes and tattoos. I know because I am one! Ha!” – Kunal, 31, brand manager

10. “Look at his relationship with his ex. If they’re still close, he’ll never be totally in love with you…” – Pav, 28, cafe owner

11. “Are his friends interested in talking to you? If I’m not serious about someone, mine can’t be bothered with getting to know her. They’re always ribbing me about the dates I make them chat to while I’m off scouting out someone else!” – Nick, 36, chef

12. “If the guy is too attentive, too good-looking and too interested, then he’s too perfect to be real. Sorry, ladies, but Prince Charming is just a fairy tale.” – Matt, 37, marketing director

13. “Two words. Booty call!” – Terry, 40, project manager

14. “How does he treat the taxi uncle or the auntie at the kopitiam? If he isn’t nice to them, you’re next…” – Josh, 36, artist

15. “If my profile is still on Tinder a month after we’ve started dating, you’re just fun for me. If you’re special, I’ll have removed myself after our third date.” – Darren, 30, waiter

16. “If I’m unwilling to talk about ‘us’ or the future, escape me fast! I’m never going to commit!” – Wei, 28, barman

17. “Try the Whatsapp test on him. If you message him and can see he’s read it, but hasn’t responded after a few hours, dump him. No matter how busy a guy is, if he’s a good one he’ll message you back.” – Christopher, 33, sommelier

18. “Voicing your personal insecurities on a date attracts bad men like bees to honey. When I was younger I used to prey on women with low self-esteem because I knew they wouldn’t have the confidence to give me a hard time when I dumped them. So be confident! And by the way, I’ve grown up since.” – Aaron, 42, lawyer

19. “If I’m going overboard with how much I love your hair, your dress, your smile – watch out. I’m way cooler than that with girls I actually like…” – Rusabh, 29, copywriter


This story was originally published in the March 2016 issue of Her World magazine.