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Orgasmic Meditation has actually been around for many many years but it seems only in the more recent times of open ‘sexual expression’ are we being chattier about such practices.  Long gone are the days of sexuality shame – we’re all humans, sex is natural to all of us and we’re here to celebrate it!

So let’s explore Orgasmic Meditation shall we?

This 15-minute practice is designed to ‘awaken’ the female’s genitals and create a therapeutic state by stroking the clitoris in a certain manner and method. The target audience is ‘over-worked and stressed out’ females, who perhaps are not connected to their own sexuality or have never experienced that kind of deep intimacy.  That being said, Oming *the shortened name for it* will be (so they say) beneficial for any female.

The aim of the game isn’t to create an orgasm in that moment – many females do not climax. It is more about awakening the deep sexual connection that is available in the vagina, and allowing women to relax and de-stress through clitoral stimulation. This practice is not designed specifically for those who cannot climax and it isn’t anything to be embarrassed or ashamed about. So I’ve heard…I assure you, I’m yet to try it.

Who practices Oming?  Well there are in fact teachers and trainers all over the place who hold classes for this practice. It can seem odd to have some complete stranger stimulating your vagina…I get that. I can imagine many will be like – NAH THANKS I’M ALRIGHT. But, you and your partner can learn the practice and then do it together at home, which is probably a bit more comfortable for you than in a room of people watching someone else stroke your genitals.

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Unlike sex that is often practiced in the bedroom with the lights off, Oming is practiced beyond the bedroom with the lights on.  This  is because the practice is not related or a ‘foreplay’ practice to sex…although I am sure many couples get turned on during it and end up making love after anyway!

 So what exactly is involved?

The female lies down with a pillow under each leg and under her head.  She opens her legs in a butterfly position, and the man shifts himself underneath her. There is a certain correct position the man sits in, with his leg under hers. He is fully clothed and she is only naked from the waist down. As this is a ‘safe sex’ session the practice is typically done wearing gloves, but of course if you’re at home with your partner then you can opt not to, whatever makes you more comfortable. They have a 15-minute timer and he will commence the practice with massaging the legs and applying pressure to certain pressure points in her inner thighs. Then, the man has to explain what he sees. This is the ‘noticing’ phase. For instance, he’ll explain her vulva is pink, or her hood is set to one side…whatever he directly sees. This is to encourage a no-judgment zone. Then, the stroking begins…with lubrication to hand too. The female can give guidance and basically, she then just lies there and feels everything she feels in that moment.  

It is very important to note, she does not have to orgasm. This practice is focused not on the climax but more on her sexual experience, connection with her body and relaxation through genital stimulation. The focus is on being present in the moment and focusing on the connection with her own body and her partner.

Once the timer shows that the session is up, you verbally give one moment to each other of a feeling you both had during the meditation.

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Is this practice free for all? Well yes, if you are doing it at home but if you’re a beginner in need of a class to teach you, you need to pay. There are all sorts of Youtube videos on this practice which are worth a watch and can be an online tutorial for you and your partner. Whilst there are classes and workshops in Singapore, I cannot possibly lead with recommendations for I have not tried first hand a session myself, so I fear it would be misleading. That being said, I actively encourage heading to good ol’ Google should you wish to learn or explore further the art of Orgasmic Meditation.