A recent study by the National Population Secretariat has shown that more Singaporeans are choosing to stay single.

I empathise because after having gotten out of a relationship a year ago, I think I want to remain single for as long as I can. Why? I’m not going to write an angry piece on how men here are just not up to par –  that’s a global epidemic and not just restricted to Singapore. It’s just that I enjoy the freedom of not having to answer to anyone. Imagine being stuck with the same person day after day. In a relationship, you’ve another person to factor into your daily considerations, which is kind of hard for a selfish, independent person like me.

Also, it’s not exactly very easy finding the kind of man that I want. I know I’m very specific, but I’m not the only one with this problem. Just take a look at what our members are saying in the forums. What’s wrong with having standards and being picky? I’m not going to just settle for the next man who likes me.

A colleague once told me that all her friends who are in their 30s and unmarried are pretty bitter. Seeing as to how I don’t know anyone like that (most of my friends are happily attached), I can only give her the benefit of the doubt. And hope that it won’t happen to me.

Maybe one day I will meet a man (or the Ah Beng of my dreams) who can convince me that giving up my freedom is worth it for the happiness of being in a relationship with him. That’ll be difficult. But you never know, miracles happen every day.

Okay fine, I will make one small exception. Having just watched Monga, a Taiwanese movie detailing the adventures of a young 5-member gang in the 1980s, I really wouldn’t mind if Mark Chao and I were to cross paths and he were to fall madly in love with my immense wit and charming humour. Till then, I’ll stick to my carefree and single life.