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1. “I was having dinner with this nerdy but nice guy. At 8.30pm, he said he had to leave because he had to be home by 9pm as that’s when he starts gaming against guys on the other end of the world. He was in his 30s! He left some money on the table and left the restaurant, while I was still eating.” – Gabby*, 32, civil servant

2. “I had been chatting over the phone for a few weeks with a guy that a mutual friend introduced to me. I finally said okay to meeting him in person. We went for coffee and cake and he drove me home. When we got to my place, he asked when he could meet my mum. I never saw him again.” – Belle*, 37, communications director

3. “We had been out a couple of times and, after dinner, he leaned over and whispered, ‘So are you going to put out tonight, since it’s, you know, our third date?’.”  – Des’ree*, 28, model

4. “I met a guy at a bar and he asked me to go with him to his friend’s house party. It wasn’t a house party after all, it was just six guys in a living room, drinking. Then they started watching lesbian porn. Everyone was commenting on it, one of them even had his wife there and it seemed like a normal night for them. I went to the bathroom, called a taxi, then told the guy I had an emergency. He asked for my number – that’s the only time I ever gave a guy a fake number.” – Janet*, 32, part-time lecturer 

5. “We were at a busy outdoor cafe when he suddenly broke down while talking about his ex-wife. Actually, he went on and on about her. Such a shame because I genuinely liked him.” – Lindah*, 35, in marketing

6. “Met a guy online and, after chatting a few times, we realised we hung out at the same bar so arranged to meet there. I recognised him when he walked in but he didn’t look for me. Half an hour later, I approached him. He told me that he saw me but because I’m fatter than I look in my profile photo, he wasn’t interested anymore. So much for telling me what a nice personality I have during our online chats!” – Serena*, 33, PR manager

7. “We were at Zouk, he had way too much to drink and puked all over my dress. Date over.” – Jo-Lyn*, 35, designer

* not their real names


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