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“Men have an uncanny ability to tune out on nagging. A far more effective way of bringing them round to your way of thinking is to plant the seed, then steer the conversation to the point where they think that your intended course of action was their idea. Crafty but effective.” – Gail, 43

“I think the more you compliment your man in front of family and friends for work he’s done well (cooked a dish, washed the bathroom), the more he will do it for you in the future. Giving praise in public lifts a man’s ego wonderfully!” – Jasryn, 35

“I would cook him his favourite meal… the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach I guess? Or praise him on a job well done before and ask if he could do it again even if it’s not perfect, just the fact that he does it is good enough for me.” – Cheryl, 43

“Tell his best friend and get his friend to tell him. Because her never listens to you when you talk but always listens and repeats back to you what his best friends says.” – Felicia, 33

“I’ve never been a nagger and am not going to start – I’d just ask nicely! And I’m very lucky in that my husband is not a difficult man.” – Priya, 38

“I do what they did in the old days – barter. But only if it’s a big job and I know there’s a fair bit of effort required on his part.” – Roz, 29

“I plan in advance and usually start buttering him up a few hours – or even a day! – before so that he’s in a good mood. It could be anything from compliments to cooking his favourite meal to letting him watch a football match on TV when I’m in the middle of a movie. It’s just so if he refuses to do what I ask him to, I could say, ‘But I did this and that for you earlier today!’. Thankfully, so far, I haven’t had to use that line on him which means the buttering up always works!” – Jolene, 32

“Usually, I will rattle on a list of things or chores I have to do to my husband, say at meal times when we are both seated so he is listening, and then finish off with a sigh. Most of the time, he picks up on that and asks if he can help me with some of the things I have just mentioned!” – Tiffany, 38

“My man simply needs to hear these words to make him go gaga and do stuff for me – ‘Honey I’ll make your favourite kangaroo roast this weekend with roasted veggies but first can you help me take my clothes to the laundry pretty please?’ He’ll do anything for a kangaroo steak!” – Veronica, 53

“Sometimes, if he’s taking too long to do a chore that I’ve asked him nicely to do, I withhold sex until he does it. I don’t tell him that’s why I don’t want to have sex though but the truth is, when he doesn’t do something after I’ve asked him to do it, it upsets me and I won’t be in the mood for sex anyway. I think he might have figured it out cos he’s getting much better now.” – Ann, 28 

“I never waste time nagging because reverse psychology works a lot better!” – Diane, 33

“I just ask him nicely. I’m not a fan of nagging and I believe that partners should be civil with each other so I’ll just tell him that this thing needs to be done and could he please do it? I always give him a deadline though so that he’ll have some sense of urgency to get it done.” – Kris, 32

Women nag, but men “mansplain”. Here’s how you can deal with your man when he starts getting a little… Condescending, to say the least.