Relationships are filled with ups and downs. Many couples break up and make up and manage to have a long-term relationship after that. But there are certain types of men that you should never return to, if you want a happy relationship. Here are five of them.

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Most men who cheat will cheat again at some point in time so why take that risk? It’s bad enough to get back with a guy who has a history of cheating but if he has cheated on you before, he will probably hurt you again.

It doesn’t have to be physical abuse, the emotional kind is just as bad. A man who abuses you in any way doesn’t treat you as his equal and relationships work best when neither partner is thought of as better than the other. You need a man who is good to you so don’t stand for any abuse, ever.

If he has told you once that he doesn’t want to commit, what makes you think that you’ll be able to change his mind? You can’t force a man into a relationship, and even though some women manage to do so, would you be happy knowing that you made your man get involved with you reluctantly?

Yes, relationships aren’t always filled with happy moments, but this doesn’t mean that the man you date should be a downer too. If your guy used to always complain about everything – from the price of food to the weather to the government’s policies – don’t go back to him and his negative aura. He’ll eventually suck the life out of you so stay away.

This kind of guy might have been nice to you at the start but he also probably never compromised and always wanted things his way. A happy relationship is one where both of you have some space too so if he was always demanding that you do this and that – and not give you any room to breathe – you don’t need him in your life.

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