Singapore men confess the top 10 craziest things they've done for their girlfriends [nid: 222937]

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1. “I made my girlfriend my business partner after three months together, totally ignoring the advice my successful businessman father gave me: Never mix business with pleasure.” – Isaac Wong, 42, entrepreneur 

2. “My parents didn’t like my fiancee and threatened to leave me out of their will if I went ahead with the marriage. I told them they could do whatever they wanted, but I was going to follow my heart. I’m glad I did. Five years later we are married and have never been happier.” – Troy*, 36, managing editor 

3. “I was so into this girl at work that when she told me she was going to be taking part in a marathon the following month, I lied and told her I was too. I’d never run a marathon in my life and I didn’t even exercise! I signed up for the race, but didn’t train for it and was terrible on the day. I suffered for weeks after, but she loved that I’d made the effort, so I was a winner in the end!” – Gary*, 34, teacher 

4. “My girlfriend moved to Dubai for work. After three months, I missed her so much that I quit my high-paying job to be with her. What made the move especially insane was that I was up for a promotion that year and expecting a massive raise. That’s love, I guess.” – Don*, 35, freelance writer

5. “I gave up meat for my vegetarian girlfriend – and I loved my meat! She adored animals too much and there was no way I could continue dating her unless I changed my carnivorous ways.” – David Goh, 28, civil servant 

6. “Six months before we got married, my wife told me that she wanted us to abstain from any physical intimacy, in a bid to build up the heat for our wedding night. I agreed, but the dry spell almost killed me!” – Chandra*, 31, sales manager

7. “I was engaged to my college sweetheart, and then I met Susan at a friend’s wedding overseas. It was love at first sight. I ended my engagement when I returned home, and now Susan and I are married. Pretty crazy, but completely right.” – Ralph*, 37, banker 

8. “I was in my mid-20s and earning just under $2,000 a month. I spent almost an entire pay cheque on a designer bag for my then- girlfriend, even though I was struggling financially and saving up to take my parents on a nice holiday.” – Stephen Khoo, 35, F&B and hospitality executive 

9. “I gave up my beloved cat, whom I’d had for six years since he was a baby, because my girlfriend was allergic to him.” – V Menon, 38, brand manager 

10. “I had a vasectomy for her.” – Michael*, 41, self-employed

*Names have been changed


This story was originally published in the January 2016 issue of Her World magazine.