Robert Pattinson’s hair needs a “good texturised cut” to achieve his signature Edward Cullen look.

The British actor is famed for his role as the mysterious vampire in the hugely successful Twilight franchise.

Robert’s character Edward has a distinctive dishevelled look in the film, and the star’s hair stylist Beatrice De Alba has revealed the secrets to creating it.

“For Edward’s look a good texturised haircut is very important,” she explained in an interview with Beauty High.

“When I styled Robert’s hair I started with my Pro Beauty Tools dryer and vent brush with a little volumising mousse to give his hair the direction and volume it needed for this look.

“Then I went in with my Ceramic Detailing Iron for the finishing touches. It is small enough to get close to the root for the lift and direction that gives that Edward signature look. I finished it off with some styling cream for definition.”

Beatrice, who worked on both The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn movies, was also in charge of Ashley Greene’s tresses. The actress plays Alice Cullen in the series and has updated her short wig throughout the films.

Beatrice has revealed how she altered the star’s most recent hair piece.

“For Alice, Ashley Greene, I started with a very textured razor cut. I dried her hair with my Pro Beauty Tools Ionic Ceramic Dryer and Round Medium Ceramic Brush.

“Then I used my medium sized Ceramic Flat Iron to put even more texture into the style by taking small sections and either twisting or pinching the hair together in the direction I want the hair to go,” she explained.

Movie shoot days are notoriously long. Beatrice has revealed her top tips to getting hairstyles to last.

The Oscar-winning hairstylist insists the secret is in the preparation.

“With movie days being as long as they are, I make sure to have a good foundation in the hair. Whether it be a volumising mousse or a styling cream, having the right product in when you blow dry is very important as is using a thermal heat protector for your iron work,” she revealed.

“A good hairspray that is right for your hair type and weather conditions help lock in your finished look.” © COVER MEDIA