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With Halloween having come and gone, we’ve seen an influx of horror movies saturating the film market, not to mention the number of horror movie marathons popping up as well. While dinner-and-a-movie is a really cliched first date idea, here’s why watching a horror movie switches things up and will work for you.

1. A horror movie is a perfect excuse to break the physical boundary

One of the most awkward parts about going on a first date is that the two of you will be wondering when, if ever, to hold hands. A horror movie gives you a reason to put your arm around your date, or snuggle up to each other without seeming super creepy or needy. Your date will easily make the assumption that you’re freaked out by the movie and need to hold on to something. Plus, let’s not kid ourselves, you know you want to.

2. A horror movie grants you the perfect opportunity to establish a gutsy and fun image

Even suggesting a horror movie as a first date option wins you points for being unorthodox. After all, not many people are big horror movie fans because of the fear factor. (The last time I suggested it to a friend, she told me, “Why would I pay to scare myself?!”) Not jumping at every noise will portray you as someone who’s not easily shaken, and appearing to enjoy the movie shows you’re an adrenaline junkie (nothing gets the heart pumping quite like a good scare).

3. You get to learn more about the other person

Horror movies typically have later screenings, and you can grasp this chance to get your date to spend more time with you by going for supper or exploring abandoned areas (if you’re feeling adventurous). At this time of the night, everyone’s tongue gets a little looser, especially with the perfect setting for one of those slightly cheesy late night secret-sharing conversations! You’ll get to know each other so much better.

4. You get to observe your date’s reaction to a fear-inducing situation

People tend to act differently under stress, and honestly, in a relationship, you’ll see your partner under stress a lot of the time. So it’s best to figure out how your date behaves when afraid right from the get-go. Does she try to hide her face behind you, or does he surround you with a protective arm? From these behavioural cues, you’ll be able to determine what exactly your date needs when in a stressful situation, and you can then decide whether you can provide that.

5. A horror movie brings the two of you closer together

You know that sense of camaraderie between strangers who walk out of a horror movie screening? That’s called relief. All of you just experienced a massive adrenaline rush and a whole lot of tension together. In many ways, the feelings you derive from having watched a horror movie with someone are similar to those you derive from surviving an ordeal with that person, and these feelings can be a great bonding factor.

If you’re a fan of horror movies, this should give you even more reasons to go forth and watch as many as you can with your romantic interest! And even if you’re not currently a fan, well, now that you know there’s so much to be gained from this activity, why not give it a shot?


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