Purple bedrooms make for more sexTurns out, people who decorate their bedroom in purple have the most active sex lives, according to a new British survey released this week.

The survey of 2,000 British adults by retailer Littlewoods found that those with purple bedding or furniture had 3.49 “intimate encounters” per week.

The least amorous color in the survey was gray, averaging 1.8.

“For years I have been telling British homeowners, a beige bedroom makes for a beige sex life,” Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, homes style expert for Littlewoods, told The Daily Mail.

“That’s one thing I wouldn’t want to wish on anyone.”

Bedding fabrics also made a difference, with silk sheets tallying up an average of 4.25 intimate encounters per week.

Least sexy? Duvets, averaging 1.8 times a week.

Other colors ideal for hotter sex included red (3.18), sky blue (3.14), pink (3.04), and black (2.99).

Less sexy colors include green (1.89) and beige (1.97).