A good argument can clear the air, but endless fights can damage any relationship. Relationship experts say couples who are constantly arguing are probably stuck in a vicious cycle, and making the same communication mistakes over and over again. To change the outcome of a fight, sometimes, all it takes is for one person to calm down and take responsibility. 

Stop talking and listen! 
Unhappy couples tend to repeat themselves in a desperate attempt to be heard, which isn’t productive. Instead of talking at him, engage him in a dialogue.

Don’t make it personal
Nothing gets solved when you hurl insults at each other; the only thing you get from that are hurt feelings. The goal isn’t to upset each other but to resolve an issue. So instead of blaming him, explain how his actions affect you. 

It’s not about winning
Fixating on who’s right and who’s not only distracts from finding a solution. Conflicts are resolved faster and more successfully when you work together to resolve the conflict.

Show your affection
Communicating some affection in the middle of an argument can lessen the impact of the harsh words that have been exchanged. Just a touch on the arm says that you  still love each other and are committed, even if you are in disagreement.