your laundry. Not very sexy, but totally normal!

Our brains are our biggest sex organs and need just as much love and (mental) caressing to get into the mood. But that doesn’t mean it can just switch off and stop thinking about everything else in your life.


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Bad habits like bringing your computer to bed doesn’t help. Spending hours staring at a glowing screen before bedtime can train your brain into seeing the bed as more than just a place to relax. So one important tip – the only thing that should be turned on in bed is you (and your partner, of course).

Our busy lives can make it difficult to turn off the naggy parts of our brain and turn on the good stuff, but a little meditation, relaxation and focus are great ways to start. Just try and bring it back to the moment and focus on what’s feeling good. But in case you can’t here are a few more thoughts from our readers to prove you’re not alone.



“What should we have for dinner after this?”



“Omg, I just wanna sleep!”



“Wait, was my phone ringing? Could it be work?”



“SO HOT, I’m perspiring.”



“To babies and beyond!”


This story first appeared on CLEO, 7 April 2017.