Matt LeBlanc embracing silver tressesMatt LeBlanc says he let his hair go grey because hair dye is too expensive.

The former Friends star revealed he is happy to embrace his natural hair colour, rather than spend money on expensive products.

Matt is famed for his dark locks, but has been sporting more of a silver hue of late.

“When the average price of hair dye got so expensive, I thought to hell with that!” he laughed on Australia’s Kyle and Jackie O radio show.

Matt played Joey Tribbiani in the popular sitcom for ten years and now stars in award-winning TV show Episodes. The 45-year-old star says he is often still approached by Friends fans who make comments about his hair.

“It’s funny now because this whole new generation has been introduced to it,” he explained.

“I’ll see these kids on the streets who come up and say ‘Oh my God, you’re Joey on Friends!’ And ‘Ooh what happened to your hair, what’s going on?’”

Despite the comments about his hair, the sitcom star says he feels flattered the show still receives attention and continues to be shown on TV.