Liam Neeson has creaky kneesLiam Neeson says although he is “pretty fit”, his “creaky” knees come in handy during action scenes.

The Hollywood actor is reprising his role as retired intelligence agent Bryan Mills in action-thriller Taken 2.

Liam’s hero character is famed for his high-octane stunts, but the 60-year-old star says his body isn’t as supple as it used to be. Liam insists this isn’t always a bad thing though.

“There’s always extra work in a movie like this. I keep pretty fit in life, as a rule. You have to these days, right? But sure, there are a few more push-ups and sit-ups you have to do in the morning, and there’s a considerable amount of fight choreography training, and rehearsing. So every day after we wrapped, we had this hotel room we trained in,” he told

“It’s starts to hurt. The knees creak a little more, you know? But it’s good to use that – particularly in the last encounter we have in the film. You have to show two people getting tired. It’s not super[hero] stuff, it’s ugly and tiring and violent.”

Maggie Grace plays Liam’s on-screen daughter. The actor was impressed with her natural flair for the physically demanding scenes.

“Well, Maggie’s very fit, so I didn’t have to teach her anything. She just took it all on board,” he smiled.