Looking back at the men I’ve dated, there are a few I’ve fond memories of and some that make me cringe and think, “What possessed me to go out with him?” Either way, I’ve learnt a thing or two about life and love from each relationship. Here are a handful of them.

Size does matter

I dated a tubby dude very briefly. Being a fitness fanatic, I realised there was no way I could go sustain a relationship with someone who didn’t see the importance of eating healthily and exercising.

Life is constant learning journey

My most recent ex broadened my horizons by introducing me to more outdoor activities and adventure travel. That taught me that there’s so much life has to offer us if we step out our comfort zone and try new things.

Never settle

I dated a guy who had it all – he was handsome, well educated, ambitious, morally sound and came from a good family. But there wasn’t a strong connection between us and I broke it off because I felt that the relationship would never be complete.