Lenny Kravitz wants to be the next Ralph LaurenLenny Kravitz wants to be the next Ralph Lauren.

The rocker-turned-interior designer believes he can one day build a fashion and lifestyle brand as big as the billion dollar successes created by stars such as Ralph.

“The plan is to make it a lifestyle brand,” Lenny told Alina Cho’s CNN show Fashion: Backstage Pass from Paris. “My dream for this company is for it to be regarded in the same way you would see Ralph Lauren or Giorgio Armani.”

Lenny is the son of late The Jeffersons actress Roxie Roker. He is well known for his individual style, with his trademark aviator sunglasses and Afro helping him cement his status as a fashion icon.

Lenny went onto describe what his dream company would sell.

“Furniture, bedding and clothing,” he replied when asked what consumers can expect to see from Kravitz Designs.

The big-thinking rocker is even pondering expanding his brand into travel. He plans to open “an eco-resort on a farm he owns in Brazil” next year, reports New York Post.

His super cool image has also helped him move into the acting world. Lenny recently starred as a stylist in the blockbuster film The Hunger Games.