Keith Urban says stars should be modest with own scentCountry music singer Keith Urban recently launched a new fragrance for men, Phoenix by Keith Urban.

Keith, who is married to Nicole Kidman, has rubbished claims that every star scent needs their own name emblazoned all over it.

The 44-year-old decided on a more subtle moniker for his product.

“It started with not wanting to have my name on the cologne. I always think it’s weird if a guy was wearing it and someone comes up to him and says ‘That smells really good, what are you wearing,’ and then the guy has to say, ‘Well, I’m wearing Keith Urban,’” he laughed in an interview with the Kyle and Jackie O radio show in Australia. “It’s weird.”

Keith singled out one cologne in particular – I Am King by P. Diddy. The star joked that the scent’s name is a modest one. “I like the humility of that particular label,” he quipped.

Keith is pleased with the progress of his debut fragrance. Phoenix is currently selling in David Jones stores in Australia, but Keith is currently uncertain about expansion plans.

“I think we’re starting out there [at David Jones] and then I’m not sure after that. But it’s started out really well,” he gushed. © COVER MEDIA