Justin Timberlake: I won’t have BotoxJustin Timberlake would “never” want to use Botox on his face, as he likes it to express emotion.

The hunky Hollywood star is famed for his boyish good looks. Justin appreciates his appearance and would never succumb to cosmetic surgery.

“Never!” he exclaimed when asked if he’s resort to Botox in order to maintain his youthful looks. “I like to express surprise with my face.

“But at the same time I wouldn’t want to advise somebody against it. If you feel younger by it you should do it.”

Justin is currently starring in science fiction thriller In Time, alongside Amanda Seyfried. The film is set in the future where genetic alteration has allowed humans to develop a system where individuals stop aging 25 years after birth.

Justin doesn’t mind the thought of growing older.

“That’s just a question of attitude!” he mused in an interview with German magazine In.

“If you feel young you stay young. But I’m absolutely not against ageing. I wouldn’t want to be 20 again, I feel good being 30 and I like to move forward in time. I don’t have a choice anyway. But I look forward to my future.” © COVER MEDIA