Jon Hamm avoids skin tight denimJon Hamm would never wear skinny jeans because he has “American thighs”.

The actor is known for donning well-cut business suits in the US TV drama Mad Men.

Although the show has sparked a renewed interest in vintage clothing, there are some trends that fashion forward Jon would never consider following.

“I have as AC/DC put it American thighs. I can’t quite do the skinny jean,” he told a UK TV show when asked if he would ever be seen in tight-fitting denim.

Although he has ruled out wearing skinny jeans, Jon is open to the idea of showing off his personality by stepping out in a pair of brightly coloured or patterned trousers.

“Sure,” Jon smiled when quizzed on whether he would be daring enough to experiment with statement pants.

The 41-year-old plays womanising advertising executive Don Draper in Mad Men, which is set in the ‘60s in New York City.

While Don is a huge hit with the ladies in the show, Jon is much shyer when it comes to attracting attention from the opposite sex.

The star is in a long-term relationship with actress-and-director Jennifer Westfeldt and wouldn’t dream of flaunting his buff body on the beach.

“Board shorts,” he answered when asked about his choice of swimwear. “You have to leave something to the imagination, I suppose.”

There is one other trend that Jon has also refused to follow. Jon insists it wouldn’t be a flattering option when asked if he would consider wearing shorter trousers to show off his ankles.

“That is a tough look for me to pull off, so I am going to say no,” he laughed. © COVER MEDIA