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Men who are insecure lack confidence and need constant assurance that they are loved. While this might be charming when you start dating him  (who doesn’t want a man who can’t bear to be away from you) it could also be suffocating and unpleasant. Look out for these seven signs which confirm that you’re dating an insecure man.


He’s different around different people

Because he desperately wants to fit in and be accepted by everyone in his life, he changes his personality depending on who he’s with. So perhaps he’s the sport-loving dude with his colleagues, the joker with his friends and the charming sweetheart with your female friends. While everyone has many aspects to their personality, a man is insecure if he totally changes according to his surroundings.


He’s constantly bragging

An insecure man needs reassurance that he’s a good and successful person so he’ll tend to go on and on about what he has done. He wants people to like him so he goes all out to impress them, to the extent that he exaggerates (or even makes up!) impressive scenarios often too. We all want a hero in our lives but if he’s always telling everyone what a hero he is, he’s more insecure man than Superman.



He keeps mentioning your ex

He’s always asking if you’re still in touch with your ex or – worse still – wants details about how your last relationship ended. And, if you’re still friends with your ex, your guy isn’t happy about this and constantly asks what you spoke with him about and what you did the last time you met. While it’s not unusual for a guy to feel threatened by his girlfriend’s ex, it borders on insecurity if he’s obsessed about the who, what, when, why and how of your previous relationship.


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He makes fun of everyone

It’s one thing to have a good sense of humour – that’s a great trait that many women look for in a man – but if he’s always putting people down just to get a laugh, that’s not the way to do it. Someone who acts that way only do so because they’re insecure and need to mock others to make themselves look (and feel) good. And if he’s putting you down too, he’s a bully and you need to leave him, pronto.


He smothers you

Your guy is calling you 24/7, buying you presents and wants to see you all the time. And when he’s with you, he gives you way too many compliments or just simply keeps telling you how much he loves you. While it’s nice for a man to want to be with you, smothering you is never a good thing. An insecure man does this because he doesn’t want you to leave him for someone so he wants you all to himself and reminds you just how precious you are to him.



He doesn’t like your male friends

This is tied to the fact that he doesn’t want you to meet another guy. So he’s suspicious of every other male in your life and doesn’t approve of you having them as friends. He wants your life to revolve around him and spending time with other men is certainly a no-no. If it gets to the point where he’s telling you who you can and can’t hang out with, it might be time to leave him.


He fishes for compliments

He might be doing it indirectly but it’s his way of getting reassurance that you love him and will not want to leave him. He might even do it in a self-deprecating way, with comments like, “Why on earth are you with me” or “You’re too good for me” – just so you can then tell him what a great guy he is and that you’re the lucky one. His low self-esteem also drives him to seek validation, be it in the form of such comments or non-stop posts on social media, professing his love for you.


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